10 Bazar Photo Exhibition Mode Atmospher Blueprint

Blueprint is a fashion product sales exhibition in Asia, which is part of the Asia Fashion Exchange 2012. Take place on Thursday (5/17/2012) yesterday, what kind of mood the most anticipated event of the Singapore fashion fans? Listen here.

10 Bazar Photo Exhibition Mode Atmospher Blueprint
10 Bazar Photo Exhibition Mode Atmospher Blueprint

1. Entrance

Event held at the Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Singapore was held over four days beginning from March 17 until May 20, 2012.

2. The Opening Ceremony

As one of Asia Fashion Exchange program in 2012, Blueprint, too, is supported by the Singapore government, Seen sales and industry ministers in Singapore to deliver a speech at the opening of the Blueprint.

3. Crowded

The atmosphere of the exhibition on the first day was quite crowded, seen a few buyers and journalists to frequently asked questions with designers and brand owners.

4. Accessories Collection

Here’s one of a collection of accessories that attract attention. Carrie K designers create bracelets, rings and bow tie made of molten metal that is very light.

5. Other Accessories

Many designers and brand Asia who creates incredible. One is Ojaga design. Japanese brand offers colorful accessories made from cow and camel leather.

6. Bag

Baggu bags are brand enough to attract attention. In addition to its selection of material and unique shape, the game makes neon colors Baggu bag collection became more conspicuous.

7. Ostwald Helgason

London-based designer offers a series of multi-colored clothing. One of the highlights is cut boxy sweater combined with crinkled skirt at the bottom. Boyish but still chic!

8. Timo Weiland

The former investment banker is one of the young designers whose names are already taken into account. Timo is identical to the print collection, is now taking inspiration from the style of the 90s grunge era for his latest collection.

9. Isis

Indonesia one of the participating brand in the exhibition displays the collection of sales of fashion products in Asia, Blueprint is Isis.

Fronted by Andrea Brand Risjad it offers a range of clothing in all black with texture and detail that is not unusual.

10. Nikicio

Not only Isis, another brand that Indonesia also enlivens the Blueprint is Nikicio. If the previous collection fashion show full of color, now Nikicio again offer a black dress with a pattern of ocean waves.

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