120 Brands & Talented Designers Exhibition Ramaikan Asia Model Blueprint

Blueprint, sales of fashion exhibition in Asia, held back As one of Asia Fashion Exchange program in 2012, this event featuring 120 designer and brand Asia that must be known.

120 Brands & Talented Designers Exhibition Ramaikan Asia Model Blueprint
120 Brands & Talented Designers Exhibition Ramaikan Asia Model Blueprint

Exhibition held at Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Singapore will be exhibiting a collection of Pre-Spring of the designers and the best brand in Asia and the world. 40 percent followed by the designers and brands from Singapore, and the rest of Amsterdam, Bangkok, Berlin, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, New York, Paris, Seoul, Tokyo and others.

Blueprint is intended that the convening of the Asia designers get the opportunity to introduce his collection at the international level. The exhibition that was held for four days from 17 until May 20, 2012 was divided into two functions.

April 17 and May 18, Blueprint ‘Tradeshow’ is only open to buyers from various countries. In the meantime, consumers can enjoy even more brands and designers from the date of 19 to 20 May. Blueprint ‘Emporium’ will bring more than 200 designers and fashion brands.

There are several internationally renowned designer names and Asia that followed the Blueprint. They are Timo Weiland of New York, Yeojin Bae of Melbourne, Maria Francesca Pepe of London, Dressed-undressed of Tokyo and Juma of Toronto.

In addition, there are also some designers and brand Indoneia which also follows the exhibition which is sponsored by Lee Hwa Jewellery’s. Some of them are Alleira, Nikicio, Capital T, Coloriot, Havehead Footwear, Kandura Porcelina, ISIS, Tulola and Some are thieves.

According to watch list etcfashion blog, there are many designers and brand with interesting work. One of them the London-based designee Ostwald Helga son. For Autumn Winter 2012 collection, she presents boxy sweater cut combined with a crinkled skirt at the bottom. Boyish but still chic!

For accessories, jewelry such as bracelets, rings and bow tie Carrie K’s work is attention. Made from molten metal, a series of accessories that are large and chunky it remains light when used.

Brand Japan, Ojaga design offers a colorful accessory ipad case, briefcase, purse hair tied up bermaterial camel and cow leather. Finally, a collection of plastic bags and leather works including works Baggu a ‘must to watch’. Selection of fluorescent colors make these bags a series of increasingly attracting attention.

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