13 Using Facebook and Instagram to Grow your Amazon Brand

13 Using Facebook and Instagram to Grow your Amazon Brand

13 Using Facebook and Instagram to Grow your Amazon Brand

Did you know that 50 cents of every dollar is spent on Amazon? You probably did, especially if you’re in the Amazon game yourself. What I’ve been able to accomplish in the last few years is basically unheard of. I have used Facebook and Instagram to EXPLODE my Amazon brands. Yes, that’s 100% true.13 Using Facebook and Instagram to Grow your Amazon Brand,

I don’t spend too much money on PPC. Why?

Because I’m in it for the long run. I kill 2 birds with one stone. I actually work on consistently branding. Doing that takes people to my e-commerce stores, and then before they purchase, take a wild guess as to what they do next…

They go to Amazon! Why?

Because Amazon cracked the code and won them over. So I use Facebook and Instagram to create a massive BRANDING effect that ends up with these people buying from my Amazon stores at full price.

That’s beautiful because as you guys know, there’s nothing that Amazon likes more than full price sales! And when that happens and happens consistently, you get rewarded with higher rankings. That is the simplicity of the philosophy.

I grow both my E-commerce stores and my Amazon sales using primarily the power of social media. I decided to never take for granted this GREAT era of communications we live in which I can have thousands of potential customers be exposed to my brands for just a few dollars. I advise you to do the same and continue following in my footsteps.

Can i use this strategies in affiliated marketing or can I use Facebook ads to generate sales with direct response or which better branding Facebook pages first or direct selling with Amazon affiliate with existing page even not much page likes?

You can use it in many ways – combined with a strategy it can give you great results. I would recommend that you try to stay away from direct marketing unless you have products that are impulse buys …

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