20 Things Women for Diet Trigger

20 Things Women for DietApa trigger that makes you want to go on a diet? A survey conducted in the UK to find out what the best thing to make her lose weight.

20 Things Women for Diet Trigger
20 Things Women for Diet Trigger

As quoted by the Daily Mail the survey conducted by the site eatwater.co.uk involving 1,000 women. Of the survey revealed, almost half of respondents admitted they became very stimulated to diet after seeing a picture of yourself that shows how their body fat.

There are 42% of women who go on a diet after realizing how their body weight is increasing since the photo was taken visits. The women especially are now ashamed of their photos can be seen by the presence of many social networking sites like Facebook.

Another reason that also trigger women to diet is when looking at their body shape in the shop window. Women are also encouraged lower body weight after realizing their favorite jeans or pants no longer fit for use.

Various reasons can make a woman lose weight at least 4.5 kg. Unfortunately only half of those who can maintain her weight after a successful diet. Based on the survey the average woman on a diet at least once every two years and only lasted three weeks.

Here are 20 things that trigger a woman to go on a diet according to research eatwater:
1. Shocked after seeing how the body is fat in the photo.
2. Looking at the shape of the body in the shop window.
3. Favorite jeans or pants no longer fit.
4. Have to buy clothes with larger sizes.
5. Looking at old photos and realize how the body now contains.
6. Going on vacation.
7. Lack confidence when swimming.
8. Attended the wedding.
9. Friends managed to lose weight.
10. Attending a special event.
11. Be married.
12. Realizing that he is the fattest woman in the office.
13. Asked whether the person is pregnant.
14. Unsatisfactory sex life.
15. The couple managed to lose weight.
16. Back again looking for love after a breakup.
17. Spouse cheated.
18. Start working on a new place.
19. Siblings lost weight.
20. Suspected cheating spouse

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