3 SLS Method Dian Sastrowardoyo Slim Secrets

Dian Sastrowardoyo Slim Secrets Most women have a problem with that body weight does not go down after birth, similarly an experienced actress Dian Sastrowardoyo.

3 SLS Method Dian Sastrowardoyo Slim Secrets
3 SLS Method Dian Sastrowardoyo Slim Secrets

July 2011 last postpartum Dian trouble losing weight, Weight actress famous through the film ‘What’s Up with Love? It was 70 kg, Women 30 years ago that exercise but exercise that she did not give significant results. Weight was only down 4 kg to 66 kg.

Got desperate and less confident but Dian another path, she went to one of slimming services, Marie France Bodyline after approximately 12 weeks of therapy successful weight down as much as 14 kg, from 66 kg to 52 kg. What’s the secret?

Dian in a slimming secret on Marie France is a method that has just been released, the 3-S LipoStem Therapy (3SLS). Etc fashion blog team the opportunity to try the treatment that makes the 3 stars 3 Love Prayer ‘it back to the ideal body shape.

3-S LipoStem Therapy (3SLS) is a therapy that combines the benefits of ultrasound technology with the power of active slimming fat burning and skin regeneration properties of plant stem cells. Functions not only lose weight but also diminish uneven skin tone and refine existing cellulite.

Before starting treatment, patients will get a massage in the back, so that the body is more relaxed. The first step of treatment is 3 SLS the therapist will focus down two parts of the body that has a lot of fat, usually the abdomen and thighs. Using serum A and B are mixed together; the therapist began wiped on the abdomen and thighs.

Then the skin will be given a gel, its function is to run the engine more slippery. Then, the machine starts up and rubbed into the abdomen and thighs. When the tool is rubbed into the skin round ends, you will hear the buzz, the sound is a sign that the machine is active. The usefulness of ultrasound equipment to serum-serum which had been rubbed into the skin can break down tissue and fat that has accumulated.

Afterwards, the skin will be smeared with cream, with a massage, body streamlining its functions in order to maximize results. The final stage of the 3SLS method is a body covered with a green mask, which serves to tighten the body and remove cellulite.

After using the serum, cream and mask, the skin will feel hot because the fat burning going on. To maximize the treatment, the patient’s bed had been slept drained by the heat wave.

According to the therapist, in a single visit, a waist circumference of patients could shrink about 2 cm. However, the result will be more leverage if you do care at least five times and the diet prescribed by a nutritionist at Marie France Bodyline.

3SLS method is cost Rp 2.3 million for a single treatment, inclusive of consultation and diet of Marie France Bodyline nutritionist. Now you can get a more affordable price if you register the program in May of this 3SLS. Price is for package promo 5 3SLS treatments Rp 6.9 million, 7 times the maintenance Rp 9 million and 10 times the maintenance Rp 12 million.

Marie France Bodyline is located in Plaza Indonesia, Pondok Indah Mall 2, Mal Puri Indah, Mal Kelapa Gading 3, Central Park, Emporium Mall and others. For complete information please call 021 3918118.

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