3rd International Young Designers Exhibition of Work in the AFC

The fourth day of asia fashion exchange event not only enlivened by the Blueprint trade show. But also enlivened with a fashion show of young designers International.

3rd International Young Designers Exhibition of Work in the AFC
3rd International Young Designers Exhibition of Work in the AFC

Demonstration entitled ‘Future Fashion Now’ was created to support designers and brands who want to develop that quality is increasingly recognized world wide. On Thursday (5/17/2012), Esther Perbandt, Timo Weiland and Yeojin Bae got a chance to show off their latest work at the Audi Fashion Festival tent located on Orchard Road, Singapore.

Fashion show begins with the collection Fall / Winter 2012 from designers from Berlin, Germany, Esther Perbandt. Designers are known for edgy design style gives a touch of rock on the range of clothing.

Seen from a corset tops overalls drapes and accessories that were dangling gold chain detail. But there are some overalls that still look ‘ladylike’ feminine detail thanks to games such as drapes and cut backless.

After Esther, the fashion show was followed by a collection of Timo Weiland. For her latest collection, the designer who had become specialized investment bankers such material featuring the canal feminine with lace, chiffon and silk.

In matters of color, Timo and her partner Alan Eckstein chose a soft color palette combined with neon. For example, such as gray with a green highlighter or dusty pink with a purple light. Although quite attractive in terms of color, but the game actually refreshes the eye motif Timo.

“You could say my design style characteristic of the print game. I like the textured material that combines with other materials with exciting motives,” Timo said when interviewed on the show Blueprint wolipop a degree in Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Singapore, Thursday (17/05/2012).

The last designer showcased her work is the Korea-Australia-blooded designer, Yeojin Bae. A simple silhouette so Yeojin strength. Collection of minimal detail does not appear boring because Yeojin managed to choose an attractive pastel colors.

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