5 Bags Designers the Most Used Celebrity Season

In the spring of 2012 and any designer handbag from the most to be a celebrity game? Telegraph reported that there were five bags of spring’s most widely used celebrities ranging from Rihanna to Katy Perry.

5 Bags Designers the Most Used Celebrity Season
5 Bags Designers the Most Used Celebrity Season

1. Celine Nano

Handbags Celine designer Phoebe Philo’s work so many women’s dream, one of them is Celine Nano. Mini-sized practical bag to carry around.

2. Rihanna & Nicky Hilton

Two of them rely on celebrity handbags Celine Nano in style. Nicky is a bag combines tartan shirt and leather shorts. While Rihanna wore a more casual, like it had been exercising.

3. Prada Pryamide

Prada handbags are sold from £ 1,800 – £ 2,450 or about USD 27 million – USD 37 million. The elegant bag combines three different colors, black, white and gold. There are also other versions of these bags in different colors.

4. Miranda Kerr & Katy Perry

Miranda looks more elegant with Prada handbags nude colored Pryamide it. While Katy seen a blue bag to mix and match it with her coat.

5. Chanel Bag Boy

Chanel chose the model and socialite Alece Dellal as Bag Boy campaign commercials. Bag worth £ 1,635 were made with a personal highlight Della.

6. Astrid Berges-Frisbe & Poppy Delvigne

Poppy Delvigne use the white version of this Boy Chanel bag, the color of the bag to be seen in contrast to the all black clothing. While the actress and model Astrid Berges more casual look with a Chanel bag combines sequins jacket.

7. Ralph Lauren Saddle Shoulder Bag

These bags are so many celebrity favorite because of its simple and suitable for use anywhere. Bags Ralph Lauren Spring / summer 2012 are on sale for £ 950.

8. Jessica Alba & Taylor Swift

Jessica chose brightly colored bag to accompany him for a walk. While Taylor Swift, saddle bags combine blue with polka-dot dress.

9. Mulbery Del Rey

Brand bags Mulbery specifically released them for the singer Lana Del Rey. Paper bags creative director Emma Hill Mulbery is indeed a classic postman bag model.

10. Sienna Miller & Jennifer Lawrence

Sienna and Jennifer includes two celebrities who fell in love with the bag Mulbery Del Rey. Sienna appears in the photo wearing a red version of the bag, while Jennifer khaki color.

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