5 Effective Food Control Appetite

Many products in the form of pills or supplements that claimed to hold your appetite but you should be careful because not everything is safe for consumption. There are even some that contain hazardous chemicals and have not registered with the Food and Drug Administration.

5 Effective Food Control Appetite
5 Effective Food Control Appetite

Plus keep your appetite is not really the right solution for slimming. As a styptic appetite was not consumed again, the desire to eat it will be bigger than ever. Instead of taking a health risk due to consumption of drug safety is not yet clear, it is better to rely on natural ingredients that can control your appetite. As quoted from our vanity, the following five foods / drinks that can prevent you from overeating.

1. Avocado

The fruit is rich in fiber and monounsaturated fats, making it a natural appetite retaining the best, with a note, if taken in amounts reasonable and proper way. In addition, the fat contained in avocado can send signals to the brain telling you that your stomach is full. But limit their consumption, at most one item per day and do not mix the avocado with milk chocolate, sugar or other ingredients.

2. Apple

Eating an apple is the most appropriate way to control appetite. Apples contain plenty of fiber and low in carbohydrates are believed to control appetite naturally. The nutritionists recommend eating apples directly without first cut. Eating an apple in a form that is still intact makes you have to try harder to eat and chew. The brain was so have more time to submit a sign that the stomach is full. In addition, the fruit with a crunchy texture is also able to regulate glucose levels and increases energy levels.

3. Tofu

Tofu is a source of protein and contains is flavones, called genistein. This substance is a natural appetite barrier that is not harmful, when compared with the pills or supplements that are sold on the market. Enter the tofu into a salad, or can be processed by cah, or mixed with vegetables.

4. Green tea

A cup of green tea can also help you prevent excessive eating. The content of catching in green tea can slow down the formation of glucose into fat cells. So that blood sugar levels are decreasing and when blood sugar is stabilized, automatic appetite control.

5. Dark Chocolate

Keep in mind; this type of chocolate is dark chocolate with cocoa powder content of 70 percent of the original, not milk chocolate or white chocolate. Dark chocolate is a natural appetite barrier. A somewhat bitter taste sends signals to the body so that appetite can be controlled. Another advantage to eating dark chocolate could help you lose weight, increase libido and even slow down premature aging due to the high antioxidant content.

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