5 Makeup Glitter for the New Year 2014

Brighten the track’s Eve in 2014. Go for the glitter makeup to take affected a little magic to your day in the year 2014. The editorial ‘invites you to discover its shopping list

5 Makeup Glitter for the New Year 2013

It’s time to party! Christmas Eve 2014 in a few hours after choosing our outfit and hairstyle inspired by our stars to spend the 2014 New Year in style, head to the makeup kit to shine tonight & If there is one day in the year where you can afford to make the “too much”, it is during the day of the year. So, to have no regrets, we put the package on the glitter makeup. To us look shiny and glossy lips!

There is no limit and anything goes today … If you Etc Fashion Blog said … If you are not yet at the level page makeup glitter, you have a few hours to refuel before sequins Eve 2014 & Sephora management where you will find your happiness. We love the Pearl Powder Bobbi Brown to remain faithful to our beauty and fashion icon, Kate Middleton, but it adds an extra touch by drawing a nice line with glitter eyeliner Urban Decay Heavy Metal.

For more discreet, it is true that 100% glitter makeup is a little scary in this case, it is sufficient to illuminate our trendy outfit for New Year’s Day with a simple spray glitter for the body. A shopper at Sephora treats yourself for Christmas Eve 2014 and shine all night. As for Nail addicts, it will be on the fingertips that will shine. This is great since INC. Nail and Peggy Sage have released nail polish and glitter girl furiously for the holiday season. So do not forget to set aside some time to complete your makeup kit at Sephora but especially not overflow. Glitter yes but structured please and you what makeup do you opt for the New Year 2015?

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