5 Mistakes In Using Foundation

Foundation is one of the make-up is important, to make the face look smoother and brighter. The benefits of foundation is to cover pimples, black spots and smoothing the skin color.

5 Mistakes In Using Foundation
5 Mistakes In Using Foundation

Although the foundation can help to camouflage skin problems, but the results may not be satisfactory, if you are wrong in its application. Become Gorgeous As reported, the following error in using the foundation.

1.Using the Wrong Color Foundation

Use foundation colors that are too light or dark, make your face like a mask and unnatural. How to determine the exact color foundation is to try it in your jaw, because it is usually a darker color in the bottle.

2.The texture of the One Foundation

There are various types of foundation based on the texture: liquid, stick, powder or oil-free. You have to like what kind of foundation is suitable for your skin. If the skin is dry, you need a foundation type of liquid, which is more oily texture. If you have oily skin type, then choose the type of foundation mate (stick) and noncomedogenic.

3.Using Without Wearing Moisturizing Foundation

One of the biggest keselahan while using the foundation is to not use a moisturizer first. Foundation can be lumpy and could face look dry.

4.Foundation Looks Too Thick

Of course if the foundation looks too thick, your makeup will look menor. Though you are not applying too much foundation, but the result still looks thick. Maybe it’s because you use a moisturizer that has not completely dried, and directly overwrite it with your foundation. In effect, the foundation to look thick. For that, after using a moisturizer wait about 2 or 3 minutes to make sure your moisturizer has dried perfectly, the new Dab foundation.

5.Using the One Foundation in Information

Using a foundation in a room that has a poor light, potentially making your makeup wrong. Foundation may be too thick or too white. Apply foundation near a window with sunlight be the right choice.

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