5 Tips for Caring for Leather Bags & Wallets To Not Fast Damage

Purse or wallet with a leather base material favored by many people because it looks more luxurious and elegant Prices of products made of leather fashion also usually not cheap.

5 Tips for Caring for Leather Bags & Wallets To Not Fast Damage
5 Tips for Caring for Leather Bags & Wallets To Not Fast Damage

Because the price is not cheap here, it would be a pity if your purse or wallet leather is not treated properly. Most products of this skin require special attention in order to maintain its quality and long lasting.

But what often happens, the longer it ages the skin, the more vulnerable are the ingredients of the oil, dust and damage due to UV rays which in turn will eliminate the moisture. To treat a collection of handbags and wallets of your skin, here are some tips that quoted from the Type F:

1. Detergent

To clean your leather collection, look for cleaning materials that it would make your skin collection of waterproof material and moisturize the skin, as well as repel stains. You can find these materials from your own kitchen, like vinegar, baking soda and olive oil. If you are collecting branded handbags and wallets, usually the seller will offer special products to clean and moisturize the skin material.

2. Basic Cleaning Made Leather Collection

Pour a bit of hand soap to the micro fiber cloth and then rub the soap in a circular motion to the collection of your skin. Circular motion is useful to remove impurities from the skin layer. Use a little water to make it a little frothy but not too wet. Afterward, use a micro fiber cloth to clean the soap (no need to use water) and wipe it dry. For materials such as leather shoes, do not use soap but use vinegar.

3. Cleaning Stains

If your leather goods stain, you can rub alcohol solution and water directly on the stained section. Or you can also use a mixture of baking soda and water to remove these stains.

4. Special Material Leather Conditioner

To clean and soften leather, mix the vinegar with two tablespoons of olive oil, rub the mixture into the collection you want to clean skin, then let stand for overnight and wash in the morning. If you have a conditioner for the skin, pour a few drops of conditioner and olive oil on a micro fiber cloth. Apply the conditioner is on the surface of the skin and wait until all pervasive.

5. To Avoid

When cleaning and providing a leather conditioner for you, avoid the use of products containing Munk oil, petroleum oil, petroleum solvents, silicone or other similar oils. Substances contained in these oils may stain or damage the leather. Also, avoid products that could potentially leave stains that are difficult to clean.

Prior to use tools such as special cleaners and conditioners bag, you should do a little test whether conditioner is completely safe and leaves no stain on the skin.

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