6 Ways to Make Pores Smaller Face Looks

Large pore size of the face must be quite managing. In addition to reducing the appearance of perfection, the pore size can also make the skin seem smooth.6 Ways to Make Pores Smaller Face Looks

Indeed there is no permanent way to reduce the size of pores but there are some tricks that can make your pores look smaller.

Here are a few steps, as summarized from Daily Glow

1. Police

The main cause’s pores appear larger when the dirt is clogged on the face. For that, rutinlah cleansing accompanied with the use of moisturizers. When cleaning the face of the soap, use cold water because it is useful to shrink pores.

2. Facial Ice Cubes

Ice cubes can make pores look smaller because it creates a cooling effect. How to do facial is by rubbing ice cubes ice cubes on the face of large porous after cleansing, conducted prior to the use of toner and moisturizer.

3. Toner

Toner serves as a cleansing oil and dirt left when washing the face so it can help shrink pore size. How is the use of toner after cleansing the face and before using moisturizer.

4. Moisturizers

Facial moisturizer can overcome dry skin and reduce excess oil production in the face. To that end, remember to always use a moisturizer that pores on the face may look smaller.

5. Foundation

Aside from being a make-up base, foundation it also serves to absorb the oil on your face and make your skin look soft. For that, choose a quality foundation to outsmart the size of large pores.

6. Powder

After using foundation, the final step is to use powder. Choose the type of powdered talc, which can absorb the oil better and thus give effect to skin a softer look.

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