7 Compulsory Jewelry Accessories for Women

Women would love to enhance your appearance with additional accessories. Want to know what accessories you must have in your jewelry box? Elena Kiam, creative director of Lia Sophia Jewelry Company, will give tips for those of you who quoted from the Red Book, this is it:

1. Stud Earrings

A model stud earrings or a ring attached to the ear one accessory that you must have. Ranging from casual clothes during the day or full dress motif for the night, simple stud earrings this will enhance your overall appearance.

2. Cuff Bracelet

A cuff bracelet model of heavy metals is now a favorite of many fashionistas and fashion houses. Simply add this cuff bracelets on both hands if you’re do not want to wear a lot of accessories, the result will look stylish appearance instantly. If you do not have it, use some of the bangle will also give a similar effect.

3. Lengthy Necklace

Want to wear plain clothes and without detail on the chest? Add a long chain necklace and your appearance will change from ordinary to extraordinary. This long necklace you can also mix with a collection of necklaces that are shorter, but still with a similar type

4. Short Necklace

Has a short chain necklace with a small pendant is one of the must-have accessory. You can use it every day and also add some other accessories.

5. Great and Unique Necklace

Statement Necklace which has a unique model and large, it is suitable to make your appearance more prominent. You can wear a black dress, even with a T-shirt and jeans.

6. Ring

The ring is one item that will make you look more alive. Choose a large ring with a unique model for a more ‘cheerful’.

7. Circle Earrings

Another item that should be added in your jewelry box is a large circular earring is. The model is simple and ‘timeless’ allows it to be used at any event. Wear a dress cut with a tube, no need to add it with other accessories such as necklaces, and you are ready to look pretty.

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