70% of Women Want to Lose Weight 10 Kg Coming to Marry

Marriage to be one important moment in life so that not a few women who want to look as perfect as possible at the time, One of the ways in which to look ‘perfect’ is to lose weight.

Research conducted Universita Cornell, United States proves 70% of women want to lose weight at least 10 kg when getting married. Of the 272 surveys that followed the bride was also revealed, 14% of respondents bought a wedding dress a size two times smaller than their actual size. Other research even revealed 1 of 5 women is willing to delay marriage if they had not slim.

One of the women who underwent an extreme diet to look slim on your wedding day is the origin of Kerri Thomas Hungerford, Berkshire, England. 33 year-old women suddenly felt unwell as a party before the wedding with some friends at a restaurant.

I ran to the toilet. I fell in there with my head against the wall. I tried out, but fell again and this time my head hit the seat with a harder,” Gomez said. When subjected to the incident, Kerri knows what causes it. “I’m making myself hungry,” said the woman who works as an accountant.

Before encouraged to marry by her boyfriend, Dan, Kerri 61 kg body weight, Having spoken, she was determined to lose weight at least 12 kg. She became increasingly obsessed with weight ‘ideal’ when I started looking for a wedding dress.

Six months before the wedding I started to diet. I skipped breakfast and just eat a bowl of cereal for lunch. Dinner I eat only healthy food in small portions,” she said. She added, quite often she does not put any food into the stomach for 15 hours.

When the diet is unhealthy, Kerri actually began to feel uncomfortable things on her health. She often felt weak and headache but she did not care because she wanted was to look slim with her wedding dress. She’s even harder to lose weight by exercise in the gym for 45 minutes after work. Kerri did not listen to the advice of her fiancée.

Until after she suddenly fell while being held ahead of the wedding party. She was taken to hospital and doctors said her blood sugar level is very low. Kerri was dehydrated. This incident made him realize she had to go back to eat right.

Kerri is not the only women who do extreme dieting ahead of the wedding. Jessica Schnaider even eats disposable nose hose that connects to the stomach in order to lose weight. Another woman named Samantha Clowe had a terrible incident. On a diet 11 weeks before the wedding, the happy day Samantha died suddenly in the middle of the show.

Psychologist Deanne Jade, founder of the National Centre for Eating Disorders, said the marriage could indeed lead to anxiety in women because it is very meaningful moment. So to lose weight ahead of the wedding to be mandatory and be a challenge,” she added.

Author of ‘The Way to Healthy Weight Merey’, Daisy Merey, MD, PhD added, the bride and groom should have a healthier diet. They also must give reasonable time to lose weight the healthy way.

Start from the beginning so that weight loss is gradual. You will feel better and can maintain the weight loss,” she advised.

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