9 Black Women’s Wear Collection Latest Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton (LV) released a collection of eyeglasses Spring / Summer 2012. That draws on a series of new glasses, LV invites artists, musicians, Disc Jokey (DJ) and other talented young people to choose glasses that best reflects their personality. Here it is nine new eyewear collection is Louis Vuitton.

9 Black Women's Wear Collection Latest Louis Vuitton
9 Black Women's Wear Collection Latest Louis Vuitton

1. Olympia Le Tan

Olympia Le Tan
Olympia Le Tan

This British-born designer known for his work in the form of bag-shaped cover Clucths. Chloe Sevigny, Michelle Williams and Natalie Portman are her clients. In accordance with a unique style, Olympia chose LV sunglasses model ‘Anthea’.

2. Mary CharterisMary Charteris

Model and the ‘It girl’ from London has attracted the attention of the style of dress. How not? Mary is the niece of fashion icon Daphne Guinness. The style of dress like a lady made her choose the glasses ‘Anthea’ soft yellow.

3. Annabelle Dexter-JonesAnnabelle Dexter-Jones

Designer living in Paris is just designed an exclusive fashion collection for Faith Connexion brand. Rock-chic style came from his father, Mick Jones, The Clash personnel. Annabelle looked stylish with eyeglasses ‘Anemone’.

4. Emily WeissEmily Weiss

‘Into The Gloss’ is a blog that is quite famous in America. The author, Emily Weiss choosing sunglasses ‘Charlie’ who gave it a white appearance of the 60’s style icon, Ali MacGraw.

5. Langley HemingwayLangley Hemingway

Sunglasses type ‘the Audrey Hepmesque Magnolia’ was chosen by Langley who works as an illustrator. Langley himself is the great grandson of the author of ‘A Movable Feast’, Ernest Hemingway.

6. Venus Jazmin SotoJazmin Venus Soto

Disc Jockey who often appeared in the New York Fashion Week party, choosing sunglasses kind of ‘Flore’. Fuschia color and accents of their large size makes these glasses can be worn at various events.

7. Cleo Le TanCleo Le Tan

This woman worked with her sister, Olympia Le Tan as an assistant designer. But while it is not in the studio, Cleo has another job that is not less pleasant for Disc Jockey (DJ). Same with the Olympia, she also chose glasses type ‘Anthea’.

8. Cassie CoaneCassie choanae

DJ who has appeared in almost all the famous New York club is also choosing sunglasses model ‘Anthea’. Shapes and colors that attract attention, make it like a woman from California.

9. MalucaMaluca

Singer from New York also settled on a pair of sunglasses ‘Anthea’. Unlike the others, a woman whose real name is Natalie Yepez was more like a mysterious black color.

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