9 Works Latest Harry Darsono Exclusive to Da Vinci

In order to open new outlets in the Da Vinci Bukit Timah, Singapore on Tuesday (05/01/2012), Harry Darsono enlivens the event the furniture store grand opening.9 Works Latest Harry Darsono Exclusive to Da Vinci

It’s haute couture designers showcase their latest works of Da Vinci exclusive. Here are the latest fashion collections 9 Harry Darsono it.

1. One-shoulder Dress

A feminine and simple look of the one-shoulder dress cut. The dominant color of the dress in black and white painting that further adds to the elegance. One-shoulder is worth USD 10.4325 million.

2. Kaftan Dress

Loose-kaftan dress models are now not only for religious events only. Can also be used for more formal events, Dress with candy colors in a single material for USD 10.4325 million.

3. Loose Cardigan

When he met Da Vinci outlets in Bukit Timah, Singapore, Tuesday (05/01/2012), Harry Darsono revealed his latest fashion collection inspired. Men born March 15, 1950 was inspired by the fusion of China and Italy. Thus create a loose-cut kimono cardigan. Outcomes are worth USD 10.4325 million.

4. Lady Like

European-style aristocracy wants to look; you can wear a dress A-line shape. The impression created by the more feminine pieces on the top tube dress. Dress in green dominance is creating an impression like this lady for USD 12.519 million.

5. Redish

The red color is identical with the impression of oriental and sexy. Like the color combination of red and black on this blouse, sexy and daring impressions blend into one. Dress is worth USD 12.519 million.

6. Jacket

Formal impression but casual can be obtained when using a jacket or blazer as semi Harry Darsono this draft. These blue tops are sold for Rp 15,857,400.

7. Feel Bright

Yellow and orange color combination would create the impression of bright and fresh. Dress is worth USD 17.6657 million.

8. Kimono

A China nuance clearly illustrated in this kimono dress models, Dress are dominated by the color blue is worth USD 21.2882.300.

9. Fishtail Dress

If the narrowing is usually fishtail dress up the bottom of the knee, Harry Darsono create simpler.

Pieces narrowed only to the thighs and the bottom swell like fish fins. Fishtail fashions are worth USD 26.7072 million.

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