958 Million Hermes Handbags, Women’s It So Victims of Cyberbullying

Francesca Eastwood displays a picture of herself that is destroying a Hermes Birkin bag for U.S. $ 100,000. she was immediately ridiculed by many people via social media sites.

958 Million Hermes Handbags, Women's It So Victims of Cyberbullying
958 Million Hermes Handbags, Women's It So Victims of Cyberbullying

In some images portrayed by her boyfriend Tyler Shields son of famous actor Clint Eastwood was seen posing with a biting, punching sawing and burning Hermes Birkin bag is worth about USD 958 million. As quoted from the Telegraph the shooting was done by Francesca and Tyler in the name of art.

The results of these photographs can be viewed on the site owned by Tyler. But instead of praise Francesca and Tyler actually much ridiculed and received harsh criticism from Francesca’s mother Dina.she expressed her disappointment because the princess could have expensive handbags but can not understand the true meaning and value for money.

In addition Francesca also received harsh criticism from many people via Twitter and her Facebook account. she was despised as a spoiled girl on the evil and insane. In fact at least one Twitter user who sent death threats to Francesca.

Some of us have really had to work hard but the bad spoiled girl was actually burn bag for U.S. $ 100,000,” wrote one Twitter user.

Wow .. Tas at U.S. $ 100,000 wasted on a non-significant for the photo should be more useful for a charity or other person really needs. Basic mad, wrote another user’s social networking account.

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