Aging Skin Causes and How to Overcome Them

Aging skin most women aged over 30’s having to worry wrinkles on their faces, especially the forehead and around eyes. Apparently, the pattern of your life could wrinkle faster. Wrinkles on the face because the aging skin grow older and not able to maintain moisture, such as thinning of the skin layer, the reduction of fat cells, keelastisitasn decreased and the skin’s ability to retain moisture decreases.

Causes of Aging Skin

Aging SkinGenerally, middle-aged women who want to always look younger using the flash melawaan aging on aging skin such as botox, even plastic surgery. However, if you do not want melakuka methods of plastic surgery is, for fear of the risk, you can reduce the signs of aging skin by doing these practices, as quoted from Urbanette.

1. When using the Glass Eye Need

When using the Glass Eye Need

Do not mamaksa facial muscles to read the writing on paper, computer, or your laptop. Usually, people who do not usually wear glasses often have frowned so many times the text reads. Facial muscles are working too hard will cause wrinkles. If your eyes are already starting trouble, should be examined and appropriate wear glasses. It helps muscles become more relaxed, thereby reducing the strain when reading.

2. Sleep is Enough

Sleep is Enough

The experts recommend that you get enough sleep to reduce the signs of aging skin . Sleep can help your growth and make the skin healthy. However, do not get too much sleep can make you lazy and cause wrinkles. Put an extra pillow under his head every night so you sleep better quality.

3. Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

Aging skin Wrinkle formation can also be caused by unhealthy lifestyles, such as smoking, drug abuse, and drinking. This makes the body condition that can drastically alter physical appearance.

4. Turning to Hot Chocolate

Turning to Hot Chocolate

Many women can not escape from the coffee during their work. Switch to drink chocolate. Chocolate not only makes you reduce excessive caffeine consumption, but can make the skin more smooth. it can also protect aging skin from free radical damage and premature aging due to exposure of pollution. Additionally, chocolate can make your skin fresh, soft and toned.

5. Eating lots of foods rich Omega-3

Eating lots of foods rich Omega-3

In addition to preventing heart disease and stroke, a diet rich in omerga-3 can smooth the  aging skin. You can eat fish, walnuts, flaxseed oil and canola oil with omega-3 fatty acids.
The soy-containing is oflavones to enhance collagen and reduce wrinkles.

6. Avoid Botox

Avoid Botox

Botox can eliminate signs of aging quickly because the fluid is injected into the skin aging serves to paralyze the muscles do not work. However, the structure of your face becomes a natural look, because the effect of botox fluid that will make the face look is always tense. Especially if you do not find out the ill effects that could occur after the botox.

7. Do not Think about Stress Wrinkles

Do not Think about Stress Wrinkles

The stress of wrinkles on the face shape can make the line more clearly visible. Treat your skin to reduce aging. Do not obsess want to look young again. Believe me, your smile wrinkles show sincerity.

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