Alexis Mabille Complete Couture Collection in Paris Runway

Alexis Mabille Complete Couture Collection

Alexis Mabille Young designer in Paris Couture with professional look, for example, a living testimony to the power Mythos. Create a dress, broke a fever dream of a boy of fashion, will cause you to imagine such a thing: a big, complicated show, Luxe pastry, which was once the “Paris Fashion”, as well as the very definition of readers, viewers and anyone anywhere in the lives of others in the glamorous life But Mabille forever carry more than that, the board as a rule, something secret and totally French. It does not for all time jobs but at least it was an attempt to achieve.

La Fontaine’s classic tales of animals at the time of his¬†models, dressed in fur birds and all kinds of creatures feelered inspired clothes. Ant was a glossy black crepe; side slits to show the hip area. Duchess satin bodice dress is welcome and the Grasshopper’s Wings players were duplicated.

Black Wolf was black velvet, Swarovski “Fangs” two hands today. Long strips of silk to make a bust of a horse, were then connected to the back, where the train ran down the tail. Magpie was, perhaps, the simplest and most effective a white dove tail, long black coat over crepe column.

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He was not,and the logic of the drama in these parts, But not all the time. Swan poor mustard yellow tights under a torn white organza mini dress was cursed, Frog (which sounds much better tanning lotion in the original), the silk is so huge, it was easy to imagine the dwarves were under his dress in a suit.

At least one image that lingered was a fantastic theme but also drew attention to the tendency of Mabille is excited, the weakness at the moment.

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