Anti Stress Blink Relaxes Your Brain

Blink not only prevents our eyes from drying out. This gesture would send a signal to our brain that it can release its attention.

Anti Stress Blink Relaxes Your Brain

Naturally blinking eyes (when it is not a nervous tic) responds to biological imperatives it rids the cornea dust and other residues. In addition to this scan function blinking acts as a “flushing” by moistening the eye.
But if you blink nearly 1,200 times in an hour is not only to pamper our cornea. Japanese researchers have glimpsed behind this movement reflex antis tress well oiled.

Blinking allow the brain to rest fractions of a second and demobilize its attention. Sleep mode basically allows the brain to “blow” to work better. Specifically when we need to focus our attention on a given task we tend to fight less eyelids.

Researchers have noted a change in brain activity by magnetic resonance imaging as the voluntary eye blink a lot or not. Thus when the volunteers fighting the eyelids the brain areas responsible for attention seem to put to rest. This occurs when the subject does not undertake any effort or any particular activity. Therefore whether your partner listen carefully to what you say watch her eyes!

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