Mehndi Trends Of Asian Countries Mehndi Designs for Eid 2020

Mehndi Trends Of Asian Countries Mehndi Designs for Eid 2020

The most famous is the mehndi design of India, Arabia, Pakistan, and Africa. Mehndi design are to be the center of henna designs all over the world.

There are several characteristics that distinguish these motifs. According to website service provider henna that I read, there are a few features to distinguish these motifs.

1. Indian Mehndi Designs

India henna designs are the most popular of the others because her motives are very diverse. There is a simple design to very complex designs. Simple designs usually have a big point or ‘character’ in the back of the hand (dorsal) or in the middle of the palm.

Fingertips are usually also not spared. The design is arguably easier, and can be applied by the beginner. Indian Mehdni designs can also be very complicated and detailed, so it may take a long time, especially for the designs of the bride (bridal design). Indian examples of design:

Indian Mehndi Designs


2. Arabic Mehndi Designs

Arabic henna design is simpler. Characteristic of the design of this fig motivational usually consist of flowers, leaves, etc.

The hallmark of this design is the design does not meet the hand and just a motif containing lines (bold). This design is quite popular because the manufacturing not spends too much henna, and which do not require time to wait for the henna to dry. Arabic design examples:

Mehndi Trends Of Asian Countries Mehndi Designs for Eid 2020 Arabic Mehndi Designs


3. African Mehndi Design

Similar to the Arabic design, the design of these African too not contains. This design has a simple geometric shapes consisting of lines, boxes, and dots.

Space between the lines of the design springing not Arab, This design covered the hands and arms. Design is arguably the simple yet beautiful. African design examples:

African Mehndi Design


4. Pakistan Mehndi Designs

The design is an amalgamation pakistani mehndi complicated version of the Arabic and Indian designs. A design is also more complicated and detailed, and is usually used by the bride. Usually the children using a simple design of this Dashain the Eid celebrations.

Pakistan Mehndi Designs


Design examples of Pakistan;

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