At the same time watch the Fashion Show at Future Fashion Now

Generally the circuit out clothes on the runway exhibited solely only for its buyers, retailer and media. However, one program in the event of Asia Fashion Exchange 2012 provides a new experience for consumers, which is to buy the collection immediately after the fashion show was over.

At the same time watch the Fashion Show at Future Fashion Now
At the same time watch the Fashion Show at Future Fashion Now

Future Fashion Now (FFN) is an a program and site that can be accessed by the consumers who want to watch fashion show from the designers by live streaming. In such site, consumers also can make purchases (pre-order) latest collections before sold in the boutique their.

FFN is an mode in the future and we feel challenged for introduce way of which revolutionary which lets you shopped the direct after the fashion show finished. FFN provide watching experience fashion show from front row, and experience of shopping who comfortable from homes their,” explains Tjin Lee, managing director of ‘Future Fashion Now’.

On 17 until May 19, 2012, consumers can access the site FFN and watch fashion show of 13 designers from FFN as well as the can buy their collection. Friday (18/05/2012), housed in Orchard Road, Singapore’s, this time turn Jonathan Simkhai, Saena and Juma who flaunt latest collections their.

Jonathan Simkai displays the the circuit clothing with a look of sporty who viscous. Designers origin New York it presenting jacket and jerseys wing the player baseball, as well as the garnish head of the withdrawal athlete tennis. Blending the snippet tomboy with style of girly is the hallmark of Jonathan. So do not be surprised if he chose soft color to clothing ‘sporty’ it is.

Not much different with masterpiece from the Saena. Colors pastel also dominate his latest collection. Designers who ever worked in brand exclusive such as Celine, Chloe and Sonia Rykel it give the look ultra-feminine and romantic with the use of of materials sheer bergelepai and detail frill where the-where.

Closed the demonstration Juma look different with patterned dress. Brand from New York’s present motives vary, ranging from abstract to tie dye. Such as want to incorporate all of elements of, Juma also participate presenting colored clothing solid who striking, such as coral and orange.

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