Beauty Remember The London Fashion Week

Both the New York Fashion Week has confirmed the main trends of 2013, as the London was relatively wise. There has not been an explosion or colored UFO beauty that drew our attention. The watchword was simplicity, contrasting certainly original outfits already.

Beauty Remember The London Fashion Week

In London, the real beauty out of the ordinary is more than the street parades. Fairly standard, the beauty looks podiums are biased to safe values. The cheekbones are carved or embellished with pink and after a walk in the countryside. The smoky always declined either metal or brown and gold, there remains a need for Jean-Pierre Braganza and Tom Ford.

Beauty Remember The London Fashion Week 1

However, after the evening is also clearly visible on the models that do not betray a little rock tradition of the English capital. Runny mascara, shadows emerge the file lipstick and hair no longer for themselves, sometimes lubricated sometimes disheveled.

Beauty Remember The London Fashion Week 2

Hair emancipate themselves this season, though parted in the middle still faces the side lock of hair in very simple, they are allowed more freedom. Thus, frizzy or curly hair can say goodbye to the suffering of smoothing since it will allow them to enjoy living simply tamed by a scarf or beret. It has even been seen embossed hair!

Beauty Remember The London Fashion Week 3

Between wet looks, waves and glamorous up dos, there still were some innovative ideas such as the false cut brush fringe hairpiece or futuristic.

Beauty Remember The London Fashion Week 4

One thing is for sure, it will be necessary refine our use of the liner. Thick line, end with a comma or still graphics support, it will still be the star of the next winter. At twister with a good bright lipstick or mouth just bitten.

Beauty Remember The London Fashion Week 5

Milan issued today its first shows that, hopefully, will not betray tradition show off. (See calendar)

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