Beyonce Wear Earrings Gold Super Great!

Whatever she does Beyonce Knowles was always sure that the charm of diva in him still glows. That is what one might have in mind to visit the UN office in New York on Friday (10/8).

As quoted from Dailymail singer song If I Were A Boy may seem normal to wear a formal suit. But anyone can not shy away from super big earrings in the ears Beyonce.

Although it looks very heavy for the ears but the gold-colored earrings that give the impression of glamor in her. Color seemed to match the hair color Beyonce.

Beyonce himself seemed to wear a shirt and jacket fashionable white color. His appearance was more attractive with a beautiful blend of black pants.

With a confident style the mother of one child spoke with leaders of South Korea. Wife of Jay Z’s visit itself is to participate in the World Humanitarian Day.

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