Brrr … Invented This Bra For Breast Chill

The latest innovations in the fashion world back for the women. If the heat began to interfere with the activity, it has created a bra that comes with ice-cooling to keep it cool.

Brrr ... Invented This Bra For Breast Chill
Brrr ... Invented This Bra For Breast Chill

Launched in Tokyo yesterday, Thursday (10/5/2012) by the creator of the bra company, Triumph, this bra instantly became the talk of the whole world. ‘Triumph Bra Super Cool’ is the name of the bra is equipped with plastic wrap and ‘mini scoop’.

Underwear that looks strange is working with gel pads to put in the freezer first. This is to get a cold sensation in the breast when summer comes.

Sophistication, this bra comes in two colors, the sensation of mint aroma, and also vote! Mini scoop is pinned at the edges, meant that the wearer can be splashed with a bucket of water into the body. On the other side there is also a mini fan to fan the air. Strange but true, is not it?

Unfortunately, this bra is created not for public consumption. The creators of these unique creations created to increase public awareness of the dangers of wasteful use of AC power.

Speaker of the Triumph, Yoshiko Masuda told Daily mail: “These people, especially the Kansai region are experiencing a power crisis. We decided to increase public awareness to save the soaring cost of electricity.”

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