Camera Recommendation For New Journalist

Camera recommendation for new journalist

Camera recommendation for new journalist, Hi everyone! So recently I’m getting into journalism at my school. The other day a dramatic event happened at my school and it was a huge story but all I had been my phone and my photos were pretty low quality. So I’m looking to buy a DSLR for the purpose of taking photos and video. I know very little about cameras, I took a class on it once, but I don’t really know what I want. I talked to my film teacher, and he told me to get a Canon Rebel T5i or T6i (i because then it has an internal mic for filming). I’m just looking for one that is under $500, high res, good zoom, etc. (Again I don’t know much) So, I’m looking for recommendations for a beginner’s first (and likely only) DSLR, as well as your thoughts on the Canon. Thanks!!

Not quite. A point and shoot is a mirror less camera, but a mirror less camera isn’t necessarily a point and shoot. A mirror less camera is basically a camera without a mirror used for the viewfinder – Instead, it uses displays showing you exactly what the sensor sees. Mirror less cameras have been getting wonderful to the point of surpassing DSLR’s in many markets – see examples like the sony A7 lineup, fuji’s XT series cameras, and Nikon new Z series cameras. The benefits of a mirror less camera over a DSLR are generally as follows. Camera recommendation for new journalist,

-Size/weight as they don’t need a mirror system.
-Faster autofocus, thanks to not needing to flick a mirror out of the way and using the sensor for focusing.
-Better video features, and video autofocus for the same reasons as above mostly.
-Live view in the EVF/LCD, as the screens are showing you exactly what the image will look like.
-Faster overall operation.

I personally shoot on an A6600 (previously an A6400), and vastly prefer it to DSLR cameras. I’d recommend looking into the Sony A6000, and Fuji XT1. Those are both excellent mirror less cameras that are quite affordable used. Camera recommendation for new journalist,

Wow! Do they still take different lenses, like the ones where you can adjust the zoom and focus manually?

All the camera’s I’ve listed are ILC (interchangeable lens camera). So yes, you can attach a zoom or prime lens and manually zoom/focus if you desire.

An entry level DSLR from Canon or Nikon would be a great choice – either the Canon T7 or the Nikon D3500. Remember you’ll need an SD card to store the photos on. I’d also recommend getting a good strap.

What was the dramatic event if you don’t mind me asking?

Can you post the photos you got with your phone? It would help us distinguish if the problem really was the phone or if it’s technique. Camera recommendation for new journalist,

A skilled photographer with a modern cell phone can do much more than an amateur with an entry level DSLR could ever hope to do:

Unfortunately, due to the sensitive nature of the photos, I can’t show them to you. However, I understand your point about phone cameras being just as good, if not better, than a DSLR for a beginner such as myself. Thank you!

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