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How to Wear Eyeliner Quickly And Easily

Eyeliner is composed of three types based on the types and uses, such as eyeliner pencil, liquid eyeliner and liquid eyeliner pencil and gel. Cantikinfo companions can try and choose the type of eyeliner that matches the shape of the eyes of a friend. In applying eyeliner was not easy, …

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Tips Eliminate puffy eyes

Tips and easy ways to overcome and eliminate puffy eyes and weary. Make friends Demos which has many problems both at work and in love. Which resulted in the friends look puffy eyes after crying or tired because of work, in this article I will share simple tips to overcome …

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Mandatory Eyeshadow Colors in Your Makeup Bag

Mandatory eyeshadow colors in your makeup bag If the ‘rules’ fashion requires every woman has at least one piece black dress then in bermake-up, women ‘must’ have a beige eye shadow. Why? Since the foundation in beige eye shadow eye makeup if you want to look perfect with natural makeup.The …

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Bigger Eyes Makeup Tutorial Photo

Bigger Eyes Makeup on Pinterest, Interested in how to make your eyes look bigger? No problem! If you set a smaller eyes or just want to pop them or not, there are a number of Small eye makeup tutorial, cat eyes makeup tutorial, korean eyes makeup tutorial,smokey eyes makeup tutorial,smokey eyes makeup tutorial …

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