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Economic Crisis In Pakistan

Economic Crisis In Pakistan,In balance of payment, low export rates, current amount deficient, poor structure of tax collection nothing is new for Pakistan. In 2019 Pakistan is facing a dire macroeconomic crisis. Pakistan is spending more on imports than exports which is creating in balance of payment, the current deficient …

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Primary Minister Loan Scheme Pakistan; The way to get loans in Urdu

  Primary Minister Loan Scheme Pakistan; The way to get loans in Urdu,پرائم منسٹر لون اسکیم؛ نوجوانوں کیلئے قرضوں کے حصول کا طریقہ کار جاری اسٹیٹ بینک نے وزیر اعظم کی جانب سے نوجوانوں کو چھوٹے کاروبار کے لیے آسان شرائط پر بلاسود قرضوں کی فراہمی کے پروگرام ” پرائم …

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تاریخ کی طاقت ور ترین معذرت

  History strengths most recent: When Hazrat Abu Bakr said to Bilal: “O son of a Kalyoti mother! Will you still take my mistakes?” Bilal heard this and became unhappy with anger and said, “Wake up!” By God! I will definitely raise it in front of the Messenger of Allaah …

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Weather Atmosphere and Diseases

weather atmosphere and diseases, It’s real, It’s happening, It’s accelerating, And it’s our fault. Human activity  particularly the production of greenhouse gasses from fossil fuel emissions  is reshaping our planet, effecting rapid environmental change at a rate never seen before, Global temperature averages are creeping upward, seas are warming, rising …

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انگلینڈ سے ورلڈکپ واپس لے لیا جائے گا؟ سائمن ٹافل کی طرف سے انگلش ٹیم کیلئے بہت بری خبر

World Cup will be retrieved from England? Very bad news from Simon Tuffle for the England team ICC’s best ambassador Simon Tafael questioned England’s victory, England was mistakenly given an extra run in the World Cup finals ISLAMABAD (July 12, 2019): The World Cup will be retrieved from England. The …

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Husband For Sale in Pakistan

  Husband For Sale in Pakistan شوہر برائے فروخت, بازار میں اک نئی دکان کھلی. جہاں شوہر فروخت کیے جاتے تھے۔ اس دکان کے کھلتے ہی عورتوں کا ہجوم بازار کی طرف چل پڑا… سبھی دکان میں داخل ہونے کے لیے بے چین تھیں! دکان کے داخلہ پہ بورڈ پر …

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