Chain release berdetail Shoes, Adidas Accused of Racism

Adidas has just released his latest shoe designs. Instead of a warm welcome from the fans, it’s actually got a sports brand of protest over alleged racist acts.Chain release berdetail Shoes, Adidas Accused of Racism

Shoes named ‘JS mids Roundhouse’ was released in the Adidas Facebook account a few days ago. Shoes designed by American designer Jeremy Scott was present with chain accents bermaterial yellow plastic applied to the ankle.

The German shoe brand also posted the words Got a hot sneaker game so you lock your kicks to your ankles?. These postings have ‘liked’ by more than 36,000 people but has received about 2,000 comments a negative tone.

This shoe is the worst idea ever. Indeed we have to buy your own chain now?” wrote one person.

For some the chain found on the shoes ‘JS Roundhouse mids’ symbolizes slavery. There is even one person who commented “those who bought the shoes have publicly declared themselves as slaves”.

Responding to protests the Adidas also go to vote. According to Adidas shoe design ‘JS mids Roundhouse’ is simply a unique design of Jerremy Scott and has nothing to do with slavery.

Jerremy Scott is a designer known for its unique style and lightweight design. Previously he has designed shoes for Adidas the shoe with the head of Mickey Mouse panda dam. All comments about slavery is not right said a spokeswoman for Adidas as quoted from Nye Daily News.

But even if denied, a few hours later to announce that Adidas shoes ‘JS mids Roundhouse’ was not so marketed in August as planned. It looks like the protests continued to arrive so I can not help Adidas forced to cancel the marketing of shoes.

“Since the design of shoes on display at the Facebook page ahead of the release on the market in August, Adidas has received feedback that attacks and harsh. We apologize if people feel offended by our designs and plans to pull out of the market, Adidas wrote in his official announcement.

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