Christian Louboutin Cosmetic Line Ready to Release Next Year

Well-known as designer Christian Louboutin shoes with red soles are iconic. But the French nation the man that does not seem to want only known in the fashion world, but also beauty.Most recently, he plans to release a line of cosmetics with a complete collection. Line, named Christian Louboutin Beaute will be produced by beauty company based in New York, Bat allure Beauty.

Christian Louboutin Cosmetic Line Ready to Release Next Year
Christian Louboutin Cosmetic Line Ready to Release Next Year

As you can imagine, the cosmetics brand which is scheduled to be marketed in 2013 this would be something high-end and luxury. Excerpted from High Beauty cosmetics Louboutin will be distributed globally meaning can be found all over the world.

If the brand is famous for Louboutin shoes and hot aura of sensuality, what are the features of the cosmetics brand? Unfortunately, the designer’s 49 years have not been willing to divulge. The bald-headed man just said that the collection of cosmetics will be very constructive, different and unexpected.

But WWD site provides an illustration, that in order to create the first cosmetics, Louboutin inspired by the Egyptian queen Nefertiti statue kept in the Neues Museum in Berlin. Nefertiti is one of the most famous women in ancient times, and an icon of feminine beauty.

“(Statue) is a beautiful thing. I stand about an hour just to see the statue. Beauty and make-up perfect,” said Louboutin.

Meanwhile, Robin Burns, co-founder of Beauty Batallure states have a new and bold steps that have been done Louboutin. He said, “She’s a fashion designer with extraordinary success that has not touched the world of beauty. He (bold) cross the line, and it’s very exciting for us.”

What kind of cosmetic Louboutin collection, whether it be as iconic red soles? We wait for next year!

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