Considered Damaging Hair Style Rihanna Eyes!

Although it is often too vulgar, but Rihanna’s fashion sense proved much embraced by the fans. But who would have thought that turned out to be Rihanna hairstyle can damage the eyes. How?

Considered Damaging Hair Style Rihanna Eyes!
Considered Damaging Hair Style Rihanna Eyes!

As reported by the Dailymail, research shows that hair style that is often displayed Rihanna oblique impact was less good for eyesight. Of course, not just Rihanna who uses this hairstyle. Artists such as Justin Bieber and Frankie Sandford are also fans of the emo-style hair.

Angled hair like that pointed out as the main cause of eye damage called Amblyopia, commonly known as ‘Lazy Eye’. This disease causes a patient’s eyes can not see clearly, so it must rely on a single eye.

Indeed, experts agree that the style of emo hairstyles skew is a major cause of this disease. Thus, any teen hair style that mimics the potential experience this disorder.

If young emo cover their eye with angled hair all the time, the eye can not see well. If it occurs at a young age, it will trigger a amblyotic, said Andrew Hogan as the representative of the Society Optometris Tasmania.

So, be careful!

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