Consult a doctor if condition 7 Natural Diet It Now

Diet, which means the management of food or eating patterns should have a positive impact to the body. Not only for slimming, but also keep the body healthy until old age. But if not done correctly, diets can be dangerous.Consult a doctor if condition 7 Natural Diet It Now

Many people are trapped following an unhealthy diet to lose weight. If you are not sure if the diet is doing a healthy and safe, then you should consult with a physician or nutritionist. These seven reasons for the importance of seeing a doctor in your weight loss program, as quoted from All Women Stalk.

1. Not Sure Weight Loss Target

You probably know if you have to lose weight, but not sure how many pounds that should be eliminated. To consult a doctor or nutritionist, you can be helped to choose the purpose of weight loss and diet and exercise set the pattern that makes sense. The best time to consult about a healthy diet is before you undergo a weight loss program.

2. Visit the Weight Loss Not Go Down

You have a serious and disciplined healthy diet for several months, but weight loss was also reduced. Maybe there is a wrong diet, or there is a serious medical condition. One way to do this is to consult with people who are professionals in the field of nutrition and nutrition. Your doctor or dietitian can tell you if there are any diet and should be changed. He can also detect whether you have a medical problem.

3. The body feels pain

In addition to a healthy diet, weight loss program should also be accompanied by exercise. Some people may be exercising too hard to achieve the desired results more quickly. But if you experience pain in certain parts of the body after exercise and not too well, it’s time to see a doctor. He can check whether the pain that arises because you are exercising too hard or something else. Listen to your body signals; pain is an indicator that something is not right.

4. Irregular Menstruation

One cause of irregular or even stop altogether is the lack of nutrition or weight loss that is too drastic. If your menstrual cycle suddenly irregular or stop while on a diet something is wrong with your diet or follow an unhealthy diet. Consult your doctor and tell me honestly about the type of diet you are doing.

5. Continuous experience constipation

Unhealthy diet can interfere with the performance of the intestine and worse your digestive system can stop working for some time. Constipation usually occurs when you are on a diet that limits even reduce your intake of carbohydrates (remember the fiber in vegetables is one type of carbohydrate). Immediately stop the way this type of diet and nutrition consult a doctor immediately.

6. Having a Specific Medical Conditions

You must consult a doctor before weight-loss program if you have a history of diabetes or heart disease. It is important to make sure you do not hurt yourself because of a wrong diet. Your doctor will help you choose a diet and exercise plan that is safe and effective according to a medical condition you are experiencing.

7. Can not Stop

Women tend to be more at risk of eating disorders than men. One characteristic of an eating disorder, she did not know when to quit even though the body is concerned. If you feel you can not stop vomiting of food, only eat fruit or drink water you may experience an acute eating disorder. Consult a physician is the only solution. Eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia can be cured from the discipline and performed under the supervision of experts.

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