Curly Ponytail Hairstyle Hair Length Normal Fine Hair Style

This elegant ponytail update is Achieved by using a small barreled curling iron Securing Effective hair at the nape of the neck to create a curly ponytail.

Curly Ponytail Hairstyle Hair Length Normal Fine Hair Style

Achieve the look


Wash and condition your hair.


Blot hair with a towel until damp and scrunch with the towel to prevent damage and split ends.


Cover a skeleton brush and apply the mousse in your hair with it.


Dry hair thoroughly using a brush skeleton. Then gather your hair at the nape of the brush skeleton, veering right.
Take care to smooth the hair by brushing the middle first, then the sides. Once straightened hair, attach the low ponytail with a rubber band.


Separate the ponytail into 15 smaller parts. Part at a time, place the tip of the hair on the curling iron and roll up to the elastic loop hold 10 seconds. Repeat for 15 parts


When all the bits are packed, separate each part using your fingers to create more loops. Then spray care shining in your hair using your hands to extend throughout the ponytail curly, curls, crumpling to give more definition.


When all the loops are separated, take a loop on the right side of the ponytail and secure it above the elastic with a hair clip, insert the clip angle to the neck. Repeat with 3-5 strands of hair on the right side to give a layered look. When you are finished, the elastic should be covered by the loops attached.


Place a headband on the head, putting it Directly in the location you want it (not starting on the forehead and sliding back).
To set the hairstyle, spray aerosol hairspray year all over the hair.

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