Displaying Classic Impression Dresses

You used to look like a lady with dress pants often choose materials or knee-length skirt that follows the shape of the body? Otherwise, you may occasionally need to try it. At least make you look a little different.

A fitted jacket and pants hip-length straight (cigarette pants) may be variations in the clothes you can wear. Can also be combined again with knee-length pencil skirt or long skirt. To give the impression of a classic wear shoes or stilleto pump.
For additional accessories wear a pearl necklace that has been modified with other materials such as satin ribbon or a gold chain. To make it look classic and neutral can also wear a gold necklace in a variety of shapes and sizes just do not overdo it.
If you want to attend an event can combine the existing fashion. Suppose that a formal event wear a little black dress or long dress with open shoulder top models or models with a chiffon halter thin.
For semiformal event could use an open jacket with satin blouse depths and long pants. Wear a necklace with a touch of ethnicity and ethnic scarf or a batik motif. If you do not want to wear accessories just pinned a corsage.

Should not wear patterns or colors that are too crowded. If you want to wear a patterned dress choose a classic. Do not get hit a color because it can ruin a classic impression.

Classy style is perfect for those who were thin. But if your body size is more, this style can be worn as long as you choose a dark color or patterned vertical lines.

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