Duh! Allegedly Cheating Ever Marc Jacobs Anna Sui’s work

Marc Jacobs is known for its unique design and style from the others. But it turns out the designer Louis Vuitton had allegedly cheated the work of another designer Anna Sui.

Duh! Allegedly Cheating Ever Marc Jacobs Anna Sui's work
Duh! Allegedly Cheating Ever Marc Jacobs Anna Sui’s work

As quoted from Fashionista Anna Sui was created canal with geometric flower motif on show in the spring of 1992. Canal was almost the same as Marc Jacobs’s work.

49-year-old designer who was designing the canal loose with geometric flower motif similar to that of Anna Sui. Her work was exhibited at the winter fashion show in 2007.

Instantly, the question “Is Marc Jacobs to imitate the work of Anna Sui?” began to surface. Many media and blogs are surprised to learn that. The reason is, Marc is known as the original designer. In fact, she was named the ‘Womenswear Designer of the Year’ by the CFDA (Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance) in 1992.

However, before assuming, fashion sites-law explained that the case is so common that often occur in the United States. That’s because most of the work of fashion in America is not ‘subject to’ the law of copyright protection. So anyone can legally copy the design or designs of others unless she has registered the copyright on specific works.

How do you think Marc Jacobs Anna Sui designs to cheat?

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