Best Dyed Hair Care Treatment at Home
Best Dyed Hair Care Treatment at Home

Find out Which Are the Best Dyed Hair Care Treatment at Home

Upon dyed hair, one of the biggest concerns we have is that the brightness and smoothness of it are preserved. How to treat colored hair at home and this is something possible if you follow some care for color – treated hair.

Dyed Hair Care Treatment at Home

One of the fundamental reasons why we women painted hair is primary to cover gray hair. But this is not the only reason; sometimes we get tired of the monotony, and encourage us to give a different touch to our image, not just cutting our hair, but also through dyed hair.

Whatever the reason we go to dye, we know well that it is a process that is aggressive for our hair, because with the passage of time makes change their appearance dramatically, as causes the brightness go and softness thereof, without exposure to the sun, the long term can even degrade the quality of the dyed hair color.

Shampoo and conditioner for your hair type

First, it is important to have clear that to avoid damaging our hair with all chemicals that have dyes, should think about applying a coloring natural hair, or what is the same, a dye that does not contain ammonia, as this We get a way that is completely healthy.

Experts suggest that great care is taken when applying a dyed hair since side effects may occur with a bad application. Also, explain that if they have proper care, can greatly reduce the damage caused by chemical dyes, added to the heat, pollution and humidity.

That is why here I share the care you need to show off a radiant and silky dyed hair. Take note of these tips!

5 dyed hair treatments for hair dyeing

  1. Use shampoo and conditioners for your specific hair type:

Is, you should always buy shampoo, and products in general, are special for color – treated hair , as these prevent clarification, or color intensity is decreased, which is something that usually happens when we wash our hair with any other type of shampoo , then gradually in each wash, they are escaping the color pigments of our hair. Besides that, this kind of shampoos has in their components, filters that significantly reduce the bleaching effect of the sunlight.

Such products are commonly prepared with coconut oil or jojoba oil. And it is highly recommended that these products are as natural as possible. Even you yourself can make separate use of these essential oils to nourish your hair even more. Moreover, it is necessary that you avoid the shampoo for oily hair, or those deep cleansing because these are stronger and tend to dry the hair greatly.

Likewise, every 10 or 15 days, you can use a shampoo with color, you refresh the intensity of tone dyed hair. You can also use the natural. For example, if you have color-treated hair a blond color, you can rinse before leaving the shower with an infusion of chamomile, which revives the color; if instead you have the reddish or brown hair, you can use a little vinegar.

  1. Ringworm all your hair every month simply touches the roots:

No ringworm your hair every month

Not to further damage the hair, it is best that every month, or every fifteen or twenty days depending on how quickly grow your hair, touches only the roots, which is where you see the difference between the color of your natural hair and Color tinting .

Obviously, if you notice that the intensity of the color of your hair has diminished, either by the heat of the irons, hair dryers, and curling irons , for the sun, the environment, or products that you usually use for hair care, you can dye it , but remember that this procedure should not be performed too often, since we are only causing more damage.

Similarly, it is not recommended to change color constantly, because every time you dye your hair, you ‘re changing the color of the base, which translates to the need for further chemical agents are activated to get the color you want and in this way only lead to more damage. If you want to change color, it is best to do it gradually, we assure you that your hair will thank you .

  1. Protect your hair:
Protect your hair
Protect your hair

The sun’s rays, sea water, chlorine pool, the wind … these are all enemies of your hair, and even more if it is painted. Especially during the summer, or when you expose yourself to the sun for a long time, you should increase the use of capillaries protectors, Spray or creams. If you do not have this type of product, you can simply wear a scarf, a cap or a hat. This will act as a barrier to (primarily) sunlight not wears dyed hair color.

It is also important to protect your hair from the plates, dryer or curling irons, as these take away the brightness and color. Before using these tools, you should apply a protective balm. And do not forget, you can never having to iron the hair wet or dry hair.

  1. Cut the hair:
cut your hair short
cut your hair short

Quiet, you do not need to cut all your hair, simply go to a hairdresser and ask you just cut a few centimeters. Do this about three times a year. Even if you dare, you can cut your hair yourself, or ask a friend or a family member to do it for you, it really is the very little length to be cut. You can simply go home by cutting the tips, and go every six months to a beauty salon or hairdresser so you have a professional work on your hair.

Remember it is not recommended that you spend a long time without a haircut because the tips usually have dyed hair or not, they tend to open and immediately appear the most feared and famous split ends.

  1. Use hair masks:
hair masks for hair growth
hair masks for hair growth

The same day that you applied the dye, then you need to placing a moisturizing mask, since the hair suffers and dry with all these chemicals, and the function of the mask is to provide all the nutrients you need. Also, after coloring your hair, it is recommended that you apply a hair mask at least once a week, in order to increase hair shine. Apply it , and if you can position yourself a hat, a towel or foil for the product to penetrate better. Please note that if you keep hydrated your hair, the color will last much longer.

If you follow these tips on care for color – treated dyed hair, we assure you achieved it to maintain the intensity of the color of your hair for much longer and at the same time achieved it revitalize it , or prevent it from drying out and being damaged by all chemicals from hair dyes. I invite you to continue visiting our website, where you will find the best tips and secrets for that long and healthy hair.

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