Exercise Can Affect Menstrual Cycle

The menstrual cycle is generally experienced by women on a regular basis each month. However, there are some women whose menstrual cycles are erratic.

Exercise Can Affect Menstrual Cycle
Exercise Can Affect Menstrual Cycle

Hormonal factors and emotional health is often the cause of irregular menstruation. But not only that, the habit of exercise or fitness training can be the cause.
In essence physical activity when your period is more beneficial than no exercise at all. Exercise can relieve cramps or domineer are often experienced by women when the first day of my period.

In addition, during periods of intense exercise that will facilitate the circulation of blood, thereby reducing headaches and pain caused by lack of blood. In fact, exercise helps you control your appetite.

But before exercise schedule when your period you must know in advance the level and type of exercise. The lack of proper exercise it can create an irregular menstrual cycle. What kind of exercise can help launch and / or inhibit the menstrual cycle?

1. Too Little Exercise

If you are a woman who rarely exercise menstrual cycle usually be felt long and quite painful. For that make your exercise routine gradually especially when you are menstruating. Ranging from mild exercise such as brisk walk or jog. Doing household chores such as sweeping, mopping or washing clothes is also a small gym which is quite useful to make the body active.

2. Gym with Medium Intensity (Moderate Fitness)

Women who exercise including moderate levels of fitness generally normal menstrual cycle. You can add variations in practice for 45 minutes to 1 hour each session such as cardiovascular training, pilates, dance, yoga, or stretching. By doing more than three times a week to make the body more healthy and regular menstrual cycles.

3. Too Much Exercise

Women who exercise too often usually delayed menstrual cycle, especially if not accompanied by adequate intake of nutrients. When the levels of body fat below 20 percent, your menstrual cycle becomes irregular.

“Fatigue, depression, acne is growing physiological effects of menstruation. That is because the metabolic rate to decline over the coming months. You can handle it with strength training and increase the caloric intake of about 20-25 percent of normal during the menstrual period,” explained Dr. Archana Dhawan Bajaj, consultant Obesity / Gyne, Fertility and IVF Expert at Nurture, New Delhi, India.

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