Fashion Do’s & Don’ts Clothes Lebaran ‘Twins’

From year to year the feast of Eid al-Fitr or Eid be one moment of family and neighbors to forgive each other and stay in touch. Not inevitable and different styles appear to be a consideration to give the impression remember this moment is a special moment.

Fashion Do's & Don'ts Clothes Lebaran 'Twins'
Fashion Do’s & Don’ts Clothes Lebaran ‘Twins’

These special moments are often used by families and couples to look more attractive with each other to coordinate clothing. The most extreme is to use exactly the same fashion. The father of twins with his son the mother with her twins supported by color motif similar to the material and the same model.

Things like this probably meant to look good and ‘intention’. But in the absence of proper coordination and just a twin the display will look silly and even invite a poor response.

According to Muslim fashion designer Monika interviewed on Thursday (02.08.2012), the uniform dress widths legitimate because it has become something of a tradition for some families. But it would be nice if uniformity is to take only a few elements such as color pattern or material. While certain fashion models differ from each other.

To avoid monotony can wear the same color but differing models. Varies but still unsightly and trendy, says Monika. And he gives a simple example with woven motif as an application.

For the father and son could use a plain koko shirt with woven motif accents. The father can wear long-sleeved shirt and his son wearing a short sleeved shirt koko. For the mother could use plain trousers topped with a layered model with applications similar woven with his father. In order for the princess look different could outsmart the weaving motif is applied as a long skirt.

The key is doing not push for the twinning between mother and daughter. Clothes adult women can not be forced to children. Fall of pity look old and inappropriate, she added. And she suggested to choose the fashions that are tailored to the character of a family member.

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