Fashion Do’s & Don’ts Miley Cyrus Appear Super Minimalist

For women the canal when selecting clothing such as dresses and long tops she did not need to wear pants. For those who want to cover the exposed parts of the foot can wear leggings instead of stocking up pants.

Fashion Do's & Don'ts Miley Cyrus Appear Super Minimalist-
Fashion Do's & Don'ts Miley Cyrus Appear Super Minimalist-

One trend that is quite popular among women is a model of a long jacket that serves as a hot mini canal. Apply a style like this is risky, because one solid match, someone will look ‘naked’ and too hot.

This happened to the actress and singer Miley Cyrus attended the 2012 Billboard Music Awards on Sunday (5/20/2012). 19-year-old young celebrity looks fresh with a new haircut and makeup blush.

Unfortunately her choice of clothing that is too ‘mature’ for her age. A piece of white blazer designs Jean Paul Gaultier chose to wrap her tiny body. Depths and without wearing pants, she is seen to force myself to look hot.

If she wore a white tuxedo shirt as depth, it will look edgy with a touch of old-school glamor, not like a porn star. Even if he wanted to show her breasts, do not wear under wear fine, but you should use a pair of long white trousers. The key is to balance the hot and mysterious impression.

For the jewelry she had the right to choose a thin chain necklace with a pendant. But the selection of open-toe shoes in black and white motif makes the whole display look old. And if she wanted to look more mature, just wear plain black shoes with access Loubutin red soles. And if she wanted to look more girlie, can choose the color of fluorescent plain pumps.

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