Grow Your Self Confidence

The crisis of confidence is often haunting us. This disease comes with no symptoms at all. In a situation that requires us to perform excellent with confidence that qualified, sudden disease virus is actually coming.

Grow Your Self Confidence

Preparation has been done long ago crude instantaneously. We are like a foolish man who got lost in the world the middle of nowhere, not knowing what to do, the severity of us even forgot with all the material that was supposed to be a warm conversation.

The problem is not on others, but on you. Sometimes to attend a meeting, we tend to want to look fit, without considering fitting clothes and can make us comfortable.

We were too busy choosing clothes and accessories that fit in the eyes of others, instead choosing clothes and attribute that can make us comfortable.

In fact, we should choose clothing that can make us uncomfortable, do not be too fashionable, that it is actually aggravating movement and attitude in dealing with people. But that does not mean you can dress casually, to impress ‘saltum’ (any costume).

First you have to describe the first; if only comfortable clothes that you wear. Do not forget to cross check the regulations in your office or anywhere that you want to visit, if allowed to wear trousers, from what materials are still tolerated.

If the type of jeans is prohibited, you can replace it with pants trousers combined with masculine-cut suits.

If pants are banned, you have to improvise with some skirts were comfortable in your body because this will affect your attitude later.

If you have a problem when dealing with new people, you have to first maintenance yourself. Assume they are friends who you have not met.

Better if you previously had to find out who was rolling business issues, new colleagues if you are going to meet is the business. However, you also need to keep yourself so you will not be labeled as people who knowingly and instead impose your own point.

In addition, keep your posture when you’re talking, Never your eyes off of the speaker, if you do not want to be considered as a behavior that is disrespectful.

Still keep your smile, listened with great interest and occasional comment, because they do not need a hearing aid, they need friends or sharing discussions.

When the conversation is no longer ‘heavy’ weight, try making a light joke-joke. It will make you more comfortable. Furthermore, you are not ‘allergic’ with a new friend. Be yourself, because it will be more convenient.

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