Hipanema LookBook Spring Summer 2013

Known for its colorful headlines, Hipanema launches into swimwear. This summer, we Hipanema provides colorful bikinis as her cuffs to the Brazilian atmosphere

Hipanema LookBook Spring Summer 2013

Hipanema we provide a range of 5-bikinis jewelry yellow, emerald green, coral, black, blue and plum. Hard to choose the “right” model, decision making very difficult. But if one believes Rihanna on Twitter the trend is yellow swimsuit. A tool that may be able to help you in your choice of the most decisive of the season. The top of the bikini is in the form of banner with bead work.

Hipanema LookBook Spring Summer 2013 1

On the sides of the bikini panties, there is the same spirit that Hipanema bracelets. With this line swimwear, Hipanema stains beaches and places of joy in our summer. Even if you spend your summer vacation in northern France, the sun will be with you through your bikini Hipanema. A dose of good humor Brazilian will follow you everywhere from May 2013. We are already seeing girlfriends, our sun, sipping a cocktail as colorful as our bikini Hipanema.

Signed Hipanema swimwear line will not discoverable before the month of May 2013, anyway we do not need before. In the meantime, you can continue to set the mood around your wrist shop pant news and trends colored Hipanema. And if you do not have the budget for headlines Hipanema go visit Amanda Love Vintage and shifted his creations.

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