3 Home Remedies for Gray Hair Naturally Combatants!

3 Home Remedies for Gray Hair Naturally Combatants!

Most people worry us a bit when we see the dreaded gray hairs are appearing, so that’s why here we bring several home remedies for gray hair.

3 Home Remedies for Gray Hair Naturally Combatants!

If gradually notice that you are beginning to fill with silver hair on your head do not be sad! Not necessarily mean that you have aged. Do not worry so much about what you see in the mirror, or start complaining that these old and it is for this reason that already have gray hair this is not entirely true! And that’s a misconception with most people “if I have gray hair, is because I am old,” but let us tell you, it is not.

And it is that until some time ago, the idea that the graying was synonymous with having reached the third age had, but now, they have discovered that there are other causes that can cause this change in hair coloring.

3 Home Remedies for Gray Hair Naturally Combatants!

Let’s start by knowing Why are gray hair?

Gray hair appear when there is an accumulation of hydrogen peroxide due to wear of the hair follicles, in other words, where the hair shafts. When peroxide accumulates, automatically blocks the synthesis of melanin, which is responsible for providing color to our hair.

Whether you are a woman, as if you are a man, and you’ve ever bleached hair, you know that peroxide is one of the most used to get that bleaching product. The body is able to produce but in small quantities. However, in some cases, the body itself increases the amount thereof, since it does not possess the necessary dose of an enzyme to break peroxide hydrogen, and transform it into water and oxygen separately. That is, when this happens, the hair can not repair the damage alone caused by increased peroxide, as there are few enzymes that produce melanin.

While this may be caused by aging or increasing age, it is not necessarily the sole cause. Then I’ll show you a brief list of several reasons why the peroxide  hydrogen  begins to accumulate and enzymes fail to do their job well:

  • The hormones
  • toxins
  • The weather
  • Pollution
  • Exposure to certain substances.

However, these are not the only reasons why gray hair may appear, because there are many other a little more complex, as are the following:

  1. Stress:

Surely when you were little, you heard ever tell your parents, that because of your shenanigans were going to go gray, or perhaps yourself you told your children. This is because it has always thought that stress caused by the pressures, obligations, and nerves, causing the dreaded gray hair. Have not you ever thought that some presidents of countries begin their mandates with the hair of some color, and after a while after they were already graying? Although this theory is not yet fully confirmed, it should be taken into account, since stress can cause much damage in our body, both internally, and external. And one of these damages is capable of our body is based on producing neurotransmitters, which can make changes to the DNA, cause that hair color change.

  1. Genetics:

The moment they begin to appear gray hair in the hair can be determined by genetics. Surely, if you pay close attention and remember what age exactly your parents began to arise from them gray hair, you realize that perhaps it is an epoch or similar to your own age, so that if your ancestors began to suffer from graying prematurely, it is more likely that you also do.

  1. Incorrect or unbalanced diet:

As you know, food is related to all the processes occurring in our body, and therefore, it is vital to consume vitamin B2, in order not to suffer prematurely white hair. The foods that contain this vitamin are salmon, egg, tuna, and sardines.

Similarly, if consumed a lot of chips, coffee or spices, may also forward this process.

  1. Unhealthy habits, and emotional problems:

Certain habits such as drinking alcohol , excess, smoking , leading a life sedentary , among others, may cause the consequence that the graying process is accelerated.

Furthermore, the depressions or large dislikes can also cause graying hair. In some cases, color may return to normal after it has gone through the situation that causes them .

 3 amazing home remedies for gray hair

  1. Onion:

Onions not only useful to give you a good flavor to foods. This food can be helpful to slow the onset of gray hair. There is a study conducted at the University of Bradford in the UK, which ensures that the onion has an enzyme called catalase, which is capable of reducing the peroxide  hydrogen  that accumulates in the hair follicles and causes hair discoloration.

To make this natural remedy from your home, you should just cut the onion as small as possible, so that then can make a paste. Another option is to extract juice from onion, licuándola, or you can simply choose to rub half an onion on the scalp and hair in general.

  1. Avocado:

The avocado has a multitude of medicinal properties, because of all the healthy fatty acids that can bring, as well as vitamin E , and numerous minerals. For this reason, it reestructurarte, moisturizing and antioxidant, and manages to prevent premature graying of hair, according to studies at the University of Los Angeles , in California.

To make this home remedy you must open an avocado in half, remove the pulp and place in a bowl. Then proceed to apply directly to the scalp and allowed to act there for about 20 minutes. After that, rinse well with water.

  1. Walnut Leaves:

These sheets are also excellent to combat the appearance of gray in her hair. For this, you need two handfuls of walnut leaves and a liter of water. Start by boiling the water. Then add two handfuls of walnut leaves water, let boil hot or there for 15 minutes, turn off the flame and let it cool. And when at room temperature, remove the leaves, and the remaining liquid applies it on the hair, making sure you cover it completely. Leave it for a period of 20 or 30 minutes.

As you can see, there are several causes that can cause the appearance of silver hair, also called gray in our hair, and is not only the result of aging. From there, you can learn how to avoid prematurely gray hair, by simply changing certain habits, and also with these home remedies for gray hair, you’ll fight them very easily.

I invite you to continue visiting our website where you’ll find the best and most practical advice, to have the hair you so desire.

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