How Building Digital Audiences On Facebook And Instagram
How Building Digital Audiences On Facebook And Instagram

How Building Digital Audiences On Facebook And Instagram

You are going to benefit a lot from this article. Read it carefully,That’s the difference between a loser and a winner. As simple as that, all right? How Building Digital Audiences ,
So what I’m going to talk to you guys about today is one of those opportunities, and I have talked about this before, but I want to cover this subject.How Building Digital Audiences On Facebook And InstagramHow Building Digital Audiences


By digital, what do we mean? Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn. All of these platforms, YouTube, et cetera, they are digital, right?

Traditional advertising, traditional platforms are newspapers, magazines, radio, books all those things that we’ve come to have known for hundreds of years, right?

So on digital, the thing that people still don’t understand because I do a lot of seminars, I do a lot of presentations to new people and to people that are already seasoned in this whole world. And generally, I see one common fact and what I get to see a lot is that people don’t really understand how this whole thing works. They don’t really get it.

Now, if you look at what I have been able to do successfully, I have done quite a bit. I was doing a Facebook ad the other day cause I do a lot of ads. I walk the talk guys, right? I mean, I invested a lot of money on Facebook advertising.

If you guys are curious about what I’m running as an ad and what I’m investing my energy in, our own heart, sweat, blood, and tears you can actually find out. If you guys didn’t know that, you can discover what anybody else is running on social media by simply going to Google and typing in a Facebook Ad Library.

And then you can search for Manuel Suarez, see my Facebook page, and you’ll be able to see all the ads that we’re always running across social media. As simple as that.

If you want to find out if somebody is actually doing something with their own social, it’s all public information because Facebook has made it public because of the whole data scandal that they’d gone through over the last couple of years.

So what I do right now is that I’m pushing out my best content for free, and I’m investing a lot of money and energy into getting seen by people as much as possible.Digital Audiences On Facebook

I push out my podcast, my seminars, my webinars, my videos, my training, my rants, my motivational speeches.

Anything that I do, I push it out as much as I can to be seen by as many people as possible.

Because I am Mother Teresa version two? No. Now, this is the truth.

I really do like creating that effect.

You could say that it’s my selfishness that I really enjoy creating an effect on somebody else.

I feel good about myself when I’m able to provide a video, a webinar, a seminar, and I see people’s mindset changing and when I see them actually transform the way they operate and be more positive and be more,


When I see that, I feel better about myself.

So I invest energy that I make every single day with my agency of over 60 staff, an incredible people and all the accounts that we manage. I invest energy in getting that content seen by the world because I do care about that.

What people don’t understand is what we’re going to talk about today, which is:


You might be wondering depending on where you are as a Facebook marketer, as a social media marketer, you might be wondering at this point, well, what do you mean by BUILDING AUDIENCES?

Whenever you push something out there on social media, whether you push something on Instagram or Facebook, whether you do a Facebook live, you do a video, you post an image with a quote or you do an article or you promote a podcast, no matter what you do, people that are consuming that content no matter how much or for how long or if they quickly glance through it or they consume the whole thing, these people are actually being stored and we are accumulating digital footprints and audiences are being built along the way.

That’s the beauty of this whole social media world…


Here’s a comparison that I’m going to make. A very simple analogy.

If somebody buys a book on Amazon or on Barnes and Noble and any of these traditional places, if they buy a book, that’s it.

You as an individual marketer, as a brand, you have NO CLUE what happens after that person buys that book. It’s all a guess by anybody.

Many times you will be surprised, the great majority of people that buy books, they actually do not themselves read that book ever.

It just stays there accumulating dust. And you think you have somebody that bought a book and is reading it, but you don’t really know. You don’t have that data science in place.

Because of that, it’s very difficult to build an audience because you would say to somebody, Hey, I want to thank you for reading my book. You cannot really say that because the fact that they bought the book does not mean at all that they actually read that book.

Buying a book and reading a book are two very different things.

On social media: If you send out an article or if you post a video, you know exactly if somebody bought a book, read it, went through it, what page they got to, how many pages they’ve read, for how long, and you have all that data, all of it.

On video: You know if somebody saw it for three seconds, for a minute, for five minutes, the whole thing or only 25% of it. All that data is there.

And because of that, you have the ability to build an audience on social media like you’ve never had before.

If you ask me, after millions of dollars on Facebook advertising, probably about $25 million by now in the last several years, invested in social media advertising, after handling the accounts for incredible people like the one and only Dr. Eric Berg, making NaturalSlim a worldwide phenomenon and my dad, Frank Suarez, an international superstar in social media, helping people like Grant Cardone, Daymond John, helping all of these incredible brands, including public corporations…How Building Digital Audiences


The one successful strategy that supersedes, that is higher, senior and more important than anything else is


Direct response marketing is not successful on social media and I can tell you that from all the accounts that we’ve actually managed over the years, which are hundreds of them… AGM marketing, by the way, if you don’t know what AGM stands for, is Attention Grabbing Media. It’s the name of my agency.

If you look at all the accounts that I have actually succeeded with and all the accounts that I have failed with, there’s one difference between them two, all right? One of them. One difference that stands out.

The ones that succeeded, we were able to build audiences because


And I’ll explain that to you over the next few minutes.

The ones that we have failed were trying to sell, sell, sell, sell, sell, and

To send to the world so we can build audiences.

That is the one major factor that differentiates between a successful campaign and a failing campaign.

On social media, you cannot handle things the way that you would handle on Google or on traditional. When somebody goes to and they’re looking for a dentist, they already have a problem that they need to resolve right now.


So a social media lead or social media person is very different than a Google lead or person.


The Google one is already ready to jump on board. And if you were lucky enough to have Google show you to them, then you win because these people are ready to get whatever service that you offer because they’re looking for an answer to a problem.SOCIAL MEDIA LEAD


On social media, it’s a whole different story. There’s no such thing as the Facebook audiences are trash, the Google audiences are trash.


Guys, do you realize that it’s the same people? The people on Google are also on social media. It’s exactly the same thing. Actually, there are the numbers, right? And the numbers don’t lie like they say.

77% of the US population is active on Facebook. Over 60% is actively on YouTube. People search for things on Google when they’re looking for answers. Everybody’s on Amazon, right? So because of that, you have numbers that don’t lie.


depending on where it’s coming from.

The social media strategy that is above everything else is the process of building audiences and the way you build audiences is by providing value.

What I did for Dr. Berg several years ago was that I took his incredible content and I got it seen by people all over the world. If you do not know who Dr. Berg is, there’s a very trendy diet called the ketogenic diet.

Dr. Eric Berg

Dr. Berg is at the top of the ketogenic mountain. He’s one of the top educators with close to 4 million subscribers on YouTube and a million followers on Facebook. And we have a great brand.

We have helped him build this brand because we grabbed his content and we got it seen by the world and then we started building audiences – people that watch the videos, people that visit the websites, people that send us messages, and the list goes on and on and on.

So I’m going to break it down for you guys today. But if you want to succeed, if you’re watching this Facebook live, which I have a lot of you guys here right now, if you’re listening to this podcast, which I know a lot of you guys that are also listening to my podcast, then you know that there’s a path to success and there’s a path to failure.

Those are two very different paths with the same tool, right? There are people that talk about this all the time, but if I have the cell phone device, like an iPhone 11 max which is the phone that I use and I give it to my nine-year-old, he knows how to play games with it. Does he know how to produce with it? He doesn’t.

Now I don’t know how to play games with it because I don’t play games, but I know how to produce with it.


I can use it for success and expansion or I can use it to waste my time.

So it really depends. If you guys look at that, it’s not the tool itself.


It’s like historically horse races, right? It’s not necessarily always about the horse, it’s about the jockey whoever is riding that horse.

So you’ve got to be willing to actually use a tool correctly and social media is used incorrectly by most people across the world. It’s literally just being a wrong application of the platform.

The way that you do it on social media, and let me just quickly differentiate this process.

On social media, when you have a personal profile, you have no ability to build an audience. You absolutely don’t.

If you say, I want to build my audience of people using my own Facebook profile that has a limit of 5,000 people, well you’re doing it WRONG because you are not going to accumulate audiences of people.

Because a Facebook profile is not a business. A Facebook profile is a personal profile. It’s for one person or individual.THE IMPORTANCE OF A FACEBOOK PAGE


If you want to build audiences, you’ve got to have a Facebook page and if you don’t have a Facebook page, then you’ve got to create one. They’re free and you’ve got to go in that direction because this is how you do it.

You actually going to start creating a content strategy that’s going to revolve around videos, images, articles. If you absolutely hate being on video, start writing more articles. Start doing a strategy that you can actually be okay and comfortable with and start getting that going.

I’m not going to go into that too much today. I might do that in a future podcast, but there’s a lot of ways that you can actually create ideas of content.

For example, if you go to, I’ll give you one asset that you can use, one tool. If you go to you will be able to type in some keywords related to your business and get a bunch of ideas as to the questions that people are asking about your brand, about your keywords, about your business.

And then all you got to do is structure answers to that questions, to all those questions. There are thousands of options.

And now you start creating a content strategy because when you have a content strategy, this is what’s going to allow you to build audiences.

Again, I’ll repeat that. Social media is not a platform for direct response marketing. It doesn’t really work anymore.

It used to back in the day because it was so affordable, but today if you simply create ads that sell something without actually being able to build a content strategy first, then you’re going to end up being a failure and I want to have you try to avoid that because this is a path that I have seen time and time again.

I can tell you that there are very few exceptions to this rule. Easily 99.9% of the people that have gone down direct response marketing over the last year or two on social media have failed.

The 0.1% that have succeeded, they have succeeded because they have a product that is so darn special and unique that people are absolutely loving it.

If you don’t have a product that is absolutely unique and wanted by the world, then that’s not what you need to do on this platform and most generally you are not one of those people.


Don’t say to yourself, “Yeah, but my beauty cream is better than every other one. People are going to be lucky to find me.”

If you say that, that’s also not being rational and that’s just acting on emotion and that doesn’t really work.

Because just like you’re beauty brand, there’s another 1.7 trillion beauty brands out there with no exaggeration, actually, I am exaggerating.

There’s a lot of brands out there that are similar to you that also feel they are the best, most organic, imported from Hawaii, Africa, and Italy and this or whatever it is. I don’t care. Nobody cares. All right?

If you have an actual beauty brand, for example, think about it in whatever brand that you have yourself, then…

It’s going to be all about…


And the way that you differentiate yourself is by PROVIDING VALUE and education about your brand.

You can start talking about:

Five simple tips to go organic; and
How to handle your skin naturally; and
The effects of certain things that you put in your body
And you can start figuring out what value you can provide to the world. And by doing that, you start getting your content strategy going.

And that’s the main thing about it that it’s gonna allow you to start accumulating these audiences to repeat the process that Grant Cardone, that I have done, that Dr. Berg, that my dad, that all these brands that have successfully done it are doing right now and are continuously doing. We don’t sell products with people that don’t know who we are.

We sell products to people that have seen us time and time again. I don’t sell services to be people. I don’t offer services to people that have no idea who I am.

Good luck trying to find that. Go check it out. I am going to challenge you. Go to the Facebook Ad Library. Go to and search for Facebook Ad Library and look at my brand AGM Marketing and look at Manuel Suarez and let me know if you find any ads that are promoting my agency services.

At the same time,

with our agency services.

Why? Because I have provided A LOT OF VALUE.

I have people lined up that want to get my help and I am picking and choosing which ones I get to deliver services to!

It works.


So the audiences on Facebook are divided into three distinct audiences. That’s it. It’s three of them. Now, I have talked about this before, but let me just do a five-minute recap on them and get you on your way so you can start building your audiences.

You got what they call Core Audience, Facebook’s Core Audience. Now, remember, when I say Facebook, I want you guys to start getting used to it. I’m talking about the Facebook family of apps, which is getting bigger and bigger and bigger.

There’s Facebook, there’s Instagram, there’s WhatsApp, there’s Messenger, and they continue expanding and adding new placements, right?

So there’s a Facebook Core Audience. A Core Audience is based on Facebook’s data about every single user:

What things they like
Pages they engage with
The websites that they visit
Engagement on the ads
Message pages (people that message the page)
Those are all audiences, that you can actually accumulate with Facebook’s data.

That’s one important one because you can actually find INTEREST based on what their interaction is. One analogy that they use on this which was given by the lead algorithm executive for Facebook. He talked about…


Well, it’s almost like if you went to a restaurant and you’ve been married to your wife for 15 years like me, right? I just turned 14 years a month ago of marriage.

I know because of my long term relationship with her what things she likes to eat, what things she doesn’t like to eat and what things she likes to drink, et cetera, all right?

So because of that experience, I can sit down and she calls me and she says baby I’m not going to make it on time. I need you to order. You know what I like, just go ahead and order for me.

And I grab the menu and I’m like, okay, I do know what she likes. I’m going to get her a lentil soup. I’m going to also get her a Caesar salad with chicken and no croutons and then I’m going to get her a sparkling water. Let me do Perrier because she likes that more than the other ones.

And then I use that data because I have the experience of working with her.

It accumulates that data throughout the years of relationship with you and he serves you more of that. So that data is accumulated and is given to us, the advertisers, and we can use it to find these people.

And that’s segmented into a million things. Things you like, your statuses, are you divorced or single? Do you have kids? Do you business certain pages? Do you like animals? Are you a humanitarian yourself? And are you a Republican? Are you a Democrat?

They have all this data and they use it to help you get served things that they know that generally, you’re going to like, think about it.

If you guys open up Facebook, you’re not going to be seeing things that you don’t like. Generally, I don’t see things that are unrelated to business, right?

For example, I never get makeup. I never get design. I never get any things that I actually have no interest in because they know what I like. So that data, as an advertiser, you have access to it and it’s a world. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you’ve got to start learning about it. All right?

So if you go to you can set up your Business Manager and start engaging with that platform, which is so powerful, which I used to call it a billion dollar software that you’ve been given access to for free, all right? So that’s very powerful and you can actually use that platform to learn.

Now I do have a series of training if you guys need to get started with it, depending on where you’re at, if you go to or minicourses, you can just test them both out.

One of them is going to get you to Messenger. The other one’s going to get you to a page. Then you’re going to be able to get some of these basic training done.

If you need to get started, a lot of you guys are already like way deeper into that world, right? So I’m just giving you the data so it can be fresh. That is what they call the Facebook Core Audience data, the core data. And that data, the Facebook core data is actually so valuable because…

And try to get that content at what they call the top of the funnel seen by people that might be interested in what you have to offer at the bottom of the funnel. All right?

It’s a funnel. At the top, you want to try to find new audiences and at the bottom, you want to try to sell to those audiences that you have built along the way. Core Audience.

There’s another one that is very underutilized. This is a separate audience, right? And that one is called the Facebook Custom Audiences. Custom Audiences.

Why are they called custom?


You can have your email list uploaded to Facebook and have Facebook find them.
You can have your phone number list uploaded to Facebook and have Facebook talk to them.
You can have your website visitors and have Facebook talk to them again.
Best purchasers, same thing.
You can have people that have messaged your page.
Here’s my favorite one. Are you ready for this? This is my favorite Custom Audience in the world. If you ask me that I had to choose one audience only and stick with it and not do anything else, this is the one that I will stick with to the end of the world: Video Watcher Audience.
For example, you. If you’re here watching this video right now, then I am building an audience of you. You’re going to go into a bucket and that bucket is going to get retargeted and I’m going to keep on putting content in front of you.

One day when I’m trying to promote a webinar or I’m trying to promote a new service or a new product,


Why? Because you have been watching my content and you are here. And by this time which we are 31 minutes into this particular podcast, you are so valuable because you are here after a half an hour. You are a gold mine and I know that data.

People that sit down with me and listened to me for a half an hour, even though I could be super annoying sometimes, you are gold as valuable as the brick gold bar, right?

I’m building you as an audience and what I’m doing with that audience is that I’m actually offering you products.

If you think about again Dr. Berg, then, I want you to know, no surprise that people that I actually sell things to, that Dr. Berg that we spend a lot of money selling things to, and Dr. Berg sells millions of dollars in products every single month. We are selling to:

People that are consuming his content.
People that are watching his videos.
And this is my favorite audience. If you want to get these audiences set up, it’s very simple. You have no idea, right?

If you are familiar with the Business Manager, then you know where. But if you are not, well, all you’ve got to do is go to and then do a drop-down menu and select audiences. And there you are adding your audiences.

You can add your Custom Audiences, upload your email list, upload your phone numbers, you can upload your offline purchasers. If you have a list of your customers, you can put it on Facebook with emails and phone numbers and guys, this works across the entire world. All right?

Phone numbers and emails are searchable on the Facebook platform and because of the advent of things like Facebook Messenger, most of us have done a great job of providing our phone numbers and I mean a great job because Facebook does a good job of this.

We have given our phone numbers and our email addresses to Facebook, so when you upload a list they match the user with that particular email address and phone number and you can retarget them.

So at the audience section, you can build your video watchers audience for a Facebook page, you can build your email list so you can retarget them, you can build your phone number lists so you can also retarget them, your best customers and the list goes on and on. It’s pretty endless.

Let’s say that you have a great Instagram business profile. Let’s say that you have a great, great profile, right? And you have an actual Instagram page that has a lot of engagement.

Well, first of all, here’s a question.


If you have a personal profile on Instagram, then you’re in trouble because you’re not going to be able to build an audience. It’s very simple. You go to your Instagram platform, you go to your settings, and then you switch to a business profile. And now you can start accumulating audiences on Instagram, too.

And now you can go to the Facebook Business Manager, go to audiences and create a new audience of Instagram engaged profile users and start retargeting these guys on Facebook and Instagram and all over the place. And that is the beauty of what this platform can do for you. So that’s all done on the audience section.

So you’ve got to just get started. Don’t get overwhelmed, right? Because I have been working on this particular area for many, many years and I never stopped learning about it and I never stopped looking at new things that I can actually improve on that particular area.


Build your first audience, grab your email lists and plug it on Facebook. Create an ad and say like, Hey, I want to thank you for being part of my list. Here’s extra content for you so I can keep you in the loop as to what’s going on with my brand and I love it very much. My customers are my favorite people in the universe and I want to thank you for trusting in my brand.

Communicate with these guys, show them that you care. In case you didn’t know this, in the traditional business world, 80% of all revenue is from existing customers, 20% is new customers.

Why are any of you guys, whether e-commerce, service, brick and mortar, why are you not paying attention to your existing customers more? Why are you abandoning them when they are your bread and butter?

Facebook and Instagram are the perfect worlds to keep these people interacting with your brand and keep them connected so when you are having a new offer sent out, they’re more receptive to it. They listen to it and they actually are opted into whatever you have to offer because they trust you. They believe in you.

If you don’t nurture them, if you don’t continue communicating to them, if you don’t provide value, then you lose them, all right? They don’t buy things from you. They stop buying from you, right?

If you guys think about it, anybody that has been in your inbox selling, selling, selling, selling, selling, you have gone blind to, you don’t care about anymore. You don’t even open up their emails.

Now, if you have somebody that has been providing value, that’s what I try to do. If you’re in my email list, which you can easily sign up for,, I provide value every day. I rarely sell anything, rarely sell for every 25 value messages, I maybe offer a free consultation or come and get a consultation for your business or do a webinar or something.

Maybe for every 50 things that I do or a hundred, I send out a promotional message. That’s the long term strategy. And if you look at my statistics, I have an up-trending exploding agency overall because I have stuck to this particular philosophy for years now.

So that’s the second audience, right? That’s what they call it, Custom Audience and I told you a little bit about it just to get you started so you can get going.

The third and final audience, which is not the least important one is what they call a Lookalike Audience. A Lookalike, you might’ve heard about this, you might have seen it, you might have applied yourself already. If you’re a Facebook marketer, you know what I’m talking about.

A Lookalike Audience is actually


That you have given to Facebook. For example, if I give a list to my top 1000 customers at AGM, the ones that bought my Facebook Masters course and I give it to Facebook. I can say Facebook, here’s a list of my 1000 paying Facebook Masters students. Can you please help me find an audience that is similar to these people?

What Facebook does is that they grab that data and they look at the phone numbers and the emails and then they look individually at every single user in that entire list and they find six common traits between all of them. And then they help you find an audience of millions of people with six common traits through that entire list.

Income Levels
Business Interests
Whatever it is. And then they help you put them on a single group that now you can target with your ads. This magic, all of it happens inside the Facebook Business Manager.

Lookalike Audiences has been my number one source for creating top of the funnel audiences, meaning people that don’t know who I am. So again, I’ll repeat that point. I talked about Facebook’s Core Data, Custom Audiences, and Lookalike Audiences. All right?AUDIENCES FOR THE TOP OF THE FUNNEL


Facebook’s Core data is a great, great tool and it’s a great asset, but it’s not as valuable from my experience as a Lookalike Audience because they are both meant for the top of the funnel.

Facebook’s Core data – use it to find people that are interested.
Facebook Lookalike Audiences – use it to find people that are interested.
What I have seen throughout the years and millions of dollars spent in advertising is that the Facebook Lookalike Audience overtakes in a big way the Facebook’s Core Data because they do a great job of matching that audience with your existing customer base or your existing favorite list.

So there are many things that you can do with a Lookalike Audience. You can create

A Lookalike Audience of people that messaged your page
A Lookalike Audience of your website visitors
A Lookalike Audience of your best purchasers
A Lookalike Audience of your best customers, for example, that you service yourself every day, and;
A Lookalike Audience of your most engaged fans and video watchers and things like that.
When you have a Custom Audience, you can create a Lookalike Audience of them, all right?

When you have that audience, you can use it to find a new top of the funnel audiences that you can now bring to this funnel.

So it becomes a journey. Top of the funnel, you’re bringing people in that don’t know who you are through Core Audience on Facebook, through Lookalike Audiences.

Audiences for the Bottom of the Funnel

Towards the bottom of the funnel, you are retargeting people that are building those footprints with you, that are watching videos, that are visiting your website, that are engaging with you, that are engaged with you and they know who you are already and they can actually accept your offers because you have provided a lot of value to them and that works like magic.

So if you have this thing in place, then you get to win the game. If you have not implemented this routine in this system, there’s a very high likelihood that you will fail in the social media game. I want you guys to be set out for that because it’s a very simple black and white thing.

You build this funnel, you get to win. You do not build this funnel, you generally will lose. Other than that, the other things are secondary and they just basically compliment this. Your strategies and content, your overall delivery, the product.

Obviously, you have to have good products and services to deliver to the world. If you have them in place, you will generally win. All right? If you have good products and services, then you need to have this funnel in place and now you can service people.

Because if you don’t have a product or service, then it doesn’t even make sense, right? Because your products are not ready to be sent out to the world and now you have to fix that point.


So again, just to quickly recap and then I’ll jump into with the Facebook peeps and answer any of your questions that you have here. But just to quickly recap what we talked about in this podcast, three types of audiences.

You’ve got to create content because you’ve got to provide value. Because this is not a direct response marketing platform. No longer the case. Three audiences: Core Audience, Custom Audiences, Lookalike Audiences.

Core Audiences and Lookalike Audiences are for the top of the funnel building. Custom Audiences are to keep people engaged, buying things from you and keep them communicating with you and selling them stuff at the bottom of the funnel.

There’s a lot of things that you can do with this and it’s not complicated and anybody can do so.

Just a few eight years ago, seven, eight years ago, I didn’t even know how to type on a keyboard correctly and efficiently. Right now, I am very into the marketing world as you guys know, and I’m speaking at the biggest stages including Traffic and Conversion Summit that I’m speaking at the end of the month. Wow. That’s coming up Woof.

I’m going to be talking about eCommerce paid growth hacking strategies, so that’s going to be coming up at the end of the month. Maybe some of you guys, I’ll see you there. Traffic and conversion summit in San Diego, March 31st, first and second.

I’ll put a link on the description. If you guys want to click on so you can see if you want to be a part of this particular convention and meet me there because I’m going to have my whole team there.

So that’s how I actually got to this point. I actually started implementing one step at a time and I got myself to this point that I’m at today. But guess what? I’m just getting started.

So I hope that you guys enjoyed today’s podcast. Go and get into action. Practice. Don’t just dream about it. Don’t just get excited and pumped and don’t do anything. It defeats the purpose, it defeats the last 42 minutes that we talked about this subject already.

I want you to get in there and start… PTO

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