How To Have A Beautiful Neckline?

Who does not dream of a cleavage worthy of Katy Perry on the red carpet at the Grammy Awards? I personally accepted my front body for a long time and I’ve learned to sublimate my neck with my kit cosmetics. Just a few strokes to add a touch of glam and at the same time sensual. To go you get a nice cleavage!

How To Have A Beautiful Neckline

My best allies are definitely all powders or creams glitter slightly tinted. They promise a small tan worthy of a day at the beach and my neck becomes a jewel glittering alone. Remember that “too much is like not enough” and make sure the shades chosen are consistent with your complexion. You can not have both face and snow white golden Jennifer Lopez!

Illuminating powder can successfully fool the eye easily. A key in the hollow of the neck and round will be played. Careful you might attract many eyes.

The final touch for large outputs? A perfume psychic here the same as the one you are wearing of course because mixtures of fragrances should be avoided.


The posture also plays a big role! Stand up straight and pull your shoulders back. You immediately notice the difference. Also make sure to wear a bra in your size.

My favorite products?

1) BB Cream Burst or by Marcelle
2) Glitter powder scented Jasmine collection at Sephora
3) Pearls illuminatrices by Lise Watier
4) Lily Eau de Toilette Wild Amazon by the Body Shop

How To Have A Beautiful Neckline 1

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