Interview with Nicola Formichetti Creator Meat Dress Lady Gaga

Some people, the name of Nicola Formichetti may not have been so familiar but keep in mind that he is the creative brains behind the fashion house Thierry Mugler meat dress and Lady Gaga’s phenomenal as to what course of his career?

Interview with Nicola Formichetti Creator Meat Dress Lady Gaga
Interview with Nicola Formichetti Creator Meat Dress Lady Gaga

The 34-year-old man has a multiracial family background, Japan and Italy. So do not be surprised if childhood Nicola – Nicola Formichetti friendly greeting spent between two cities, Rome and Tokyo.

Initially, Nicola did not know that he has exceptional talent in the field of fashion. In 1997, he moved to London to study architecture because it did not fit the interests and expectations, the man once known as the ‘Party Boy’ that did not complete his studies.

Nicola started a career in fashion by becoming the art director and head buyer for a boutique named ‘The Pineal Eye’. According to him, began his career in fashion should begin by working in a boutique or shop.

“If you love fashion, I think it’s a good idea to work in a boutique or shop. You can learn about how to display the arrangement of the store, until the fashion business itself,” said Nicola at the talk show ‘In Conversation with Colin McDowell Nicola Formichetti’ in Asia Fashion Summit, one of Asia Fashion Exchange event program 2012, at Raffles City, Singapore, Tuesday (15/05/2012).

After working in the boutique, Nicola tries his ability in the magazine. Stay in the context of fashion, he became a contributor to the magazine Dazed & Confused. Nicola’s job opportunities to work in other major magazines, such as V, Another Magazine, Arena Homme +, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue Homme and VMAN.

Incomplete for Nicola if not learn from fashion experts. Therefore, the man who was born May 31, 1977 did not miss the opportunity to work with several designers and exclusive fashion brands such as Alexander McQueen, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana and Missoni.

Nicola’s name became more known, especially when he was a fashion consultant and create a meat dress for Lady Gaga. Nicola met the singer of ‘Edge of Glory’ is currently shooting the cover of V Without the need for a long time, cooperation between the two ensued since 2009 and lasted until now.

Now, Nicola believed to be the creative director for fashion house Thierry Mugler. Initially, he had rejected such a prestigious position. He felt that the name of Thierry Mugler is so big in the fashion world. Nicola was worried that ‘mix his hands’ could disappoint.

To me, he (Thierry Mugler) is God in the fashion world. He is my favorite. I had declined the offer because he felt could not do better than him but friends convinced me to want to do it,” explains Nicola.

For a moment he refused, much of the media who wrote that Nicola entry into the house Thierry Mugler fashion brand from Paris makes it increasingly becomes the subject, one of them, since selecting Rick Genest – the man who tattooed his face with a skull image – as a model.

Doing much work as he does now, does not make Nicola overwhelmed. He claimed that it was enjoying his work. According to the man who likes to perform with a monochrome outfit, the secret lies in you.

You must feel. Everything you do must come from us, not others. You can copy any design but ultimately it back to yourself each. There are so characteristic touches on any of your work,” added Nicola.

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