It’s a Good Food Consumed before Exercise

Eating foods before exercise can make the exercise even more leverage. However, not all types of food consumed and the portions were fit to be precise.

It's a Good Food Consumed before Exercise
It's a Good Food Consumed before Exercise

According to fitness expert Namrata Purohit as reported by Health Me Up, the largest source of energy for the body from carbohydrates and protein. Adequate nutritional intake before exercise will give you extra energy so it reaches the point of best sports performance. Here it is five foods.

1. YoghurtYoghurt

Yogurt contains small amounts of calcium and protein, as well as a bit of natural sugar. Foods that one is quite hostile to the stomach and digestive system, and is the right choice to be consumed before the intense exercise. In addition to energy, you could add a bit of whole grain cereals, fresh fruit or honey.

2. OatmealOatmeal

Oatmeal is best eaten prior to exercise in the morning. These foods are known to be friendly to the stomach and is a good source of energy. It would be better if you put pieces of fresh buahs into oatmeal.

3. Red Rice with ChickenRed Rice with Chicken

If you would workout in the afternoon or evening then brown rice and chicken is the best food. Nutritionist Dr Zainab Sayed explained that brown rice takes longer to digest the body and is a source of fiber and good carbohydrates. While the chicken (choose the lean chest) contain healthy protein. Combination of both good eaten before exercise. Eat a medium-size bowl of brown rice with two pieces of chicken breast.

4. BananaBanana

Bananas contain natural sugars and complex carbohydrates that give you instant energy in the body. Sameer Purohit fitness trainer who trains a lot of celebrities say “Eat a banana size is 45 minutes – 1 hour prior to exercise sufficient energy reserves during exercise. But it’s back again to the condition of the body, due to the caloric needs of each person is different.”

5. The contents of Peanut Butter SandwichThe contents of Peanut Butter Sandwich

Choose whole wheat bread and peanut butter without added sugar or other ingredients. A loaf of wheat bread with peanut butter, plus a smear of honey as a sweetener is also one of the best food to be consumed before exercise. This food is suitable to be consumed if you want to exercise in the morning, because it is lightweight yet suited to fill your stomach and energy after fasting in the evening.

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