Jakarta Fashion Week Show
Jakarta Fashion Week Show

Jakarta Fashion Week Show Schedule a Clear Day

After canceling some Avantie Anne fashion, designer Ivan Gunawan and IPMI due to bad weather constraints, now Jakarta Fashion Week (JFW) 2013 return had to cancel another fashion show. Jakarta Fashion Week Show This is her schedule forced JFW show rescheduled.

Jakarta Fashion Week Show Schedule a Clear Day
Jakarta Fashion Week Show Schedule a Clear Day

Almost all fashion show on Tuesday (11/06/2012) which is planned to be held at the Fashion Tent, Plaza Senayan and Jakarta has been canceled by the organizers. As was reported earlier, heavy rains and strong winds that occurred on Sunday (04/11/2012) and Monday (11/05/2012) night has made the tent was damaged and take in water. Fashion Tent itself is located in the outdoor area close to restaurants and Starbucks Coffee Union.

Some of the fashion show is canceled for today, among others, of the designer fashion show APPMI (Association of Indonesian Fashion Designers Entrepreneurs) is supposed to take place from 14:30 am until 17:00 pm. And also a fashion show scheduled for Rusly Tjohnardi at 20.30.

We got the news that the committee JFW 2013 that they had to cancel all of the fashion show that was held at the Fashion Tent for the sake of safety is due to the constraints on the construction of the tent force majored. Fashion show we were affected. We are told that the fashion show we moved on Saturday ( 10/11/2012), “wrote Ellyna Tjohnardi, the designer Rusly Tjohnardi via email.

In addition the fashion show presented by Sebastian Gunawan Indonesian Heart Foundation also changed the schedule. Until this news was revealed there has been no information about the transfer schedule for the fashion show Sebastian.

While some fashion show had to be canceled but the fashion show that took place in the indoor area atrium Plaza Senayan will continue. For example, as well as a hair fashion show of L’oreal Professionnel featuring hairstyles and fashion work Tjen Hian, Soko Wiyanto, and Yogi Pratama.

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