Jenna Talackova First Transgender Participants in the event of Miss Universe

Jenna Talackova finally recorded history (23). Yes, she became the first transgender participants are allowed to join the Miss Universe competition (Queen of Universe) for regions of Canada.

Jenna Talackova First Transgender Participants in the event of Miss Universe
Jenna Talackova First Transgender Participants in the event of Miss Universe

Although not to bring home the crown but its presence had led to the debate and the attention of many.

Saturday (05/19/2012) evening last week, a man who has legally changed its identity as a woman, to compete with 61 other contestants.Jenna Talackova First Transgender Participants in the event of Miss Universe-

Pretty good accomplishments, Talackova escaped into 12 large. But she was knocked out when driving into the top five. With blond hair and fantastic body, she had competed in bikini contests and formal wear.

Of course, her steal the show. The audience was often greeted him warmly. When she appeared on stage and greeted the audience cheered.

Only, Miss Universe crown was given to Sahar Biniaz (26). She was elected to represent Canada at the Miss Universe to be held in December.

Talackova born a transsexual man and chose four years ago, Participation in the Miss Universe was dismissed as not born a woman.

However Talackova not broke. She hired a famous lawyer, Gloria Allred, to keep her company filed a lawsuit to be included in these activities.

Her efforts were fruitful. Donald Trump, the Miss Universe organizing activities, finally rectify the existing rules since last month and allow transgender people took part in the event.

Miss Universe through the party organization in Canada’s official website states that Talackova allowed to take part with the records meet the requirements by attaching proof of legal recognition in the jurisdiction in Canada and meet the standards set by the organizers of other international competitions.

Responding to the results of the competition, Gloria Allred says that Talackova need not grieve. “After all, he’s still a winner so far,” he said.

She won a victory ‘herstoric’ civil rights and I think it’s far more important than anything.

Talackova is the son of the father and mother from Czechoslovakia native Canada. She said that she felt from the beginning is in the wrong body.

Before following the Miss Universe, she had also competed in the Miss International Queen 2010 Tiffany Competition for transgender and transsexual women in Pattaya, Thailand.

In a video interview for the contest, she said she lived as a woman since the age of 4 years and started hormone therapy at age 14. New at the age of 19, she decided to change the gender in total.

The controversy surrounding her participation in the Miss Universe Canada began to busy this spring after a blogger recognized him from transgender beauty pageant in Thailand and then upload it on the internet.

Publicity director of the Miss Universe, Brenda Mendoza, said the transgender competitors are now accepted in all the contests around the world. Even so, it is up to the franchisees in each state to decide.

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