Jessica Iskandar Proud to Have Long Hair

HAIR length is always synonymous with femininity. However, despite claiming not too feminine Jessica still keep long hair. Why?

Jessica Iskandar Proud to Have Long Hair

During this time you see the appearance of Jessica’s long hair is always in order and rarely appeared in a short haircut. Yes, admittedly this sweet girl, she is not keen to cut her hair because her hair is nice and healthy.

“Long hair is going on and not be a lot of changes because I like long hair, because my hair healthy and good. Liked diatribe so long. Cared for beautiful hair and long,” she said while talking with , recently.

To maintain healthy hair, she claimed not to have special treatment. Only home care and wear the standard treatment.

“Care more rarely to home care salon shampoo and eat more fruits and vegetables or broccoli,” he concluded.

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