Jessie J & Fashion Design Want to Create Perfume

Jessie J’s love for the fashion look of style dresses that draw attention. Not only that, she also plans to launch a fashion label with her own name.

Jessie J & Fashion Design Want to Create Perfume
Jessie J & Fashion Design Want to Create Perfume

Singer of ‘Domino’ it says that she has big plans for her future. Some of them are fashion design and create your own perfume. Interestingly, the results of her work will be devoted to charitable fundraising.

“I want to start a charity. I want to make money I can give. I want to do a campaign. I would love to have her own TV show, clothing line and perfume on my behalf. Everyone will want to have created her own perfume, right? “Jessie J said, as quoted from Female First.

Who likes to show eccentric singer was getting tired of the style of dresses that ‘eccentric’. Jessie even has reduced the habit to wear a variety of jewelry.

“The style of dress I was more ‘benign’. Is it really necessary to use all the jewelry and heavy makeup at 7 o’clock and looked like a drag queen? When you’re tired, you will begin to compensate by not wearing too much bling,” explains 24-year-old singer.

“I like dressing up, but I would prefer they remember how to sing. Fashion is something that I love. But I do not just make everything as image,” added Jessie.

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